I love to face a 5000+ year old people alone, the ones who do extreme sports don’t have anything on me. I’m continuing with this Moshe Idel reptile, I mean individual, who has his “Laitman moments” where he helps me understand their own self-understanding

the nature of the Jews as those individuals who confess the divine name and the understanding of Israel as being related to both the Agent Intellect and the combination of letters

They’re such a secretive people that I imagine some of them visit here simply to see their Plan stated at all. The modern-day rabbis continue to withhold information from most of jewry. They just “sense” these things without seeing them put into words usually, we’ll say.

Well, if you want the rare goyim perspective, I have serious doubts about this “Agent Intellect” idea. There’s a reason any Jew worth anything is from a Christian country. There was something revealed in the New Testament that Jews missed out on. “We’ll bury you if you talk about that, what does that say about Christians?” That’s the point- we will say the truth even if it means being eliminated. Old Judaism still exists today, you do not permit individuals from questioning the collective.

A “secret” way of looking at Jews is they’re fine with being slaves of Judaism, because that’s all they’ve ever known for centuries and centuries. I doubt most have a twinge of regret when I point out how their elites control everything in their lives. They’re a naturally, genetically, totalitarian people.

What progs see as “diversity” is in fact Jews trying to get rid of their main ethnic rival, Europeans. This is an organization 100x more “supremacist” than the KKK.

I’ll reason with you- whether they represent the “Agent Intellect” is up in the air. What I’m concerned with is anyone at all being able to question them a hundred years from now. The reason they erase people is because their place as Agent Intellect is put into question. That demonstrates that it isn’t altogether obvious. Why do I even have to say this? How many countries now have they failed? Meanwhile, how many European countries developed the first world?

“So what are you trying to say, that Christ was the real Moshiach?” If you wanted to know my personal intuition about it all, it seems like he clearly was, and that he wasn’t the final one. Re-read that, it’s important. The Jews missed that “revelation” and you see it in their behavior. While I agree with them that Jesus was not enough, not perfect, not exemplifying Godliness, I have my questions about them as well. If you missed the first-worldism that Jesus brought about then you are in no place to speculate about the nature of the Moshiach. I believe in that myself. The evil Germans believed something similar, many of them saw Hegel and/or Nietzsche as a sort of Moshiach. As for myself, I’m living in 2021, and I see Hebrews, Jesus, Marx, Nietzsche, as far from the ideal. What do you want in the future, that’s what you have to ask. People who missed the revelation that led to the first world running things? I don’t “buy” the Agent Intellect narrative. You can post an anonymous pdf to google to prove me wrong anyday. 99.9% of Jews in my experience are highly questionable. That might otherwise be fine if people who questioned them weren’t disappeared from society. The fact they have to hide it is very telling. “We’re just going with the Plan so we can live an easy life!” You really don’t care about things then. You don’t care about the “Ein Soph”. No one can ever question the fact that you missed the revelation that led to first world countries, nothing suspicious about that at all.

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