One good way to ruin your life is to study logic at an impressionable age. Because then most things you hear in life sound like a fallacy and you don’t want to hear people talk anymore. Something I don’t think is understood by the wider public is that a logic textbook is pretty close to a math textbook. While it is true that you will see people brandish the word “logic” around as a rhetorical flourish (ironically), nevertheless it IS studied as something that is the direct antithesis of rhetoric. In other words, there isn’t a “logical pluralism” unless you want to live in a fantasyland.

This first book I click confirms my understanding of it

in introductions to logic there is little room for argument, criticism or debate. Unlike pretty much any other course in the philosophy curriculum, logic is taught like a mathematics course.

So some find it odd that this falls into the “humanities” technically. Once you see past the surface of what it is it’s not so odd actually and I think “humanities people” would enjoy it if they enjoy other disciplines in the humanities.

Everything is there, in a sense. You can destroy all of society with it alone. Like I said, after you study it, everything you hear… you might as well be hearing people say 1+1=4 repeatedly.

I think of Bloom finding Plato offensive, and preferring the more human Homeric gods- “Let me be human!” That’s the same kind of thing going on with this. “Let me perform bad math equations!” Or you might think of Agamben defining philosophy as grammar. “Let me have poor grammar!”

I’ve made a couple posts on this discipline before- the latter being a feminist history which basically consisted of telling me I’m sexually inadequate via the language of a logician. “Really gotta hand it to her”. Though I for one think women need to find some new material, maybe that’s just me. If I wrote a book on logic and frequently hinted about breasts you’d think I was a sophomoric clown, so just consider that. No, I’m not kidding, some old lady in the academy took it upon herself to write a book like that. Did she sleep with the whole philosophy department to gather her research? That’s what I inferred. If I had to guess, there’s some spite going on with all that, and I’m not going to examine it for now.

Anyway, if you can forget about that “prank”, this is a field I expect to be disappearing as the left immanentizes the eschaton

we probably should reason along the laws of logic in the same sense as we should reason along the laws of physics

There’s something chauvinistic about logic in particular. That’s because it’s the most scientific way of going about showing people they’re right or wrong. They’re lowering the standards in math classes across the country, and that’s just about “reasoning” with numbers. Reasoning with words is a lot more of an evil to these people. All the different subdisciplines of philosophy are interconnected. When you sharpen your logic you simultaneously are sharpening your ability to speak clearly about ethics, say. Counter-intuitive as it might sound, sharpening your logic would help you sharpen your ability to discuss angelology. You name it. Don’t like the aesthetics of a cereal box? Learning logic could help you express why that is. Everything high and low. Anselm used logic to prove the existence of God. I myself have used logic to prove that it’s good to be a Nazi for instance. Just kidding. I mean, unless I’m not. If you have an agenda that rests on illogic and the preservation of “life-giving illusions” then you’ll probably disagree. “Just let me be a human!” Did you miss the memo that humans are defined by rationality?

Forgetting politics, if it were the standard to teach basic logic in high schools there’s no doubt society would be a better place. Use your imagination for a second and pretend the above quote about the laws of logic being similar to the laws of physics is true. Doesn’t it strike you as bizarre that you can intuit that they’d want something like that to disappear from the curriculum? One might have to deduce that there is an agenda against certainty. Certainty is related to bigotry. Thinking you’re right and another is wrong. There’s a very precise word that points to the very heart of that type of bigoted phenomenon, and that is logic. I can already hear the hamster wheels spinning in people’s heads- they feel the impulse to deny that logic exists. They feel the impulse to respond with something the along the lines of “There are multiple logics”. Really, are there multiple physics too?

Whatever, this nice morning I just felt like giving you an idea of what I take to be the root of my political beliefs as well as my misanthropy in general. Introduction to logic textbooks are easily available online.

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