Something has to explain “all of this”

I’ll give you a really simple example of a form “logic” can take- and all logic IS really simple, it’s the building-blocks of thinking. This is what it looked like in those old times

if/when this or that occurs, this or that must be done

Remember that one of the main features that distinguishes Judaism and Islam from Christianity is the former’s legalistic foundations. Wonder why so many Yids are lawyers? Those are cladistic Talmudists. They’ve been “practicing law” centuries and centuries before our specific legal code developed.

Let’s apply this logic to a concrete case-

if/when a meddlesome goy exposes our secrets, they must be removed from society

That is THE LAW to them.

That’s why you frequently use that specific term to describe certain beliefs- “illegal”. Might as well be in possession of LSD or something, that’s how it’s treated.

What could be the implications of this? There are several studies I’m now finding.

the Talmud is closer to the Sumerian/Akkadian origin of logic, than the Greek logic developed by Aristotle

My first impression of this “admission” is that SOMETHING has to explain why things seem so illogical in the modern world. Because I like to read Aristotle and writers in his tradition as a “break” from all the fluff and irrationality I encounter everywhere in… JEW-WORLD. Is it a coincidence or not, I’m trying to figure that out.

This is fascinating to me

It is so important that in the Christian hermeneutics the Aristotelian logic was applied to suspend the ‘Old’ Testament, while in the Talmudic hermeneutics there was an own logical tradition and the Talmudic logic was regarded as a way to preserve the borders of Judaism to suspend any ‘New’ Testament.

You know Aristotle’s first name, right? Adolf. Adolf Aristotle. I’m joking, don’t bother looking it up.

This Yid who’s writing this study is patting his people on the back for having an “older” logic, and I’m over here with a big sadistic smile on my face.

A does not equal A. That would explain so many things about our political order, wouldn’t it? No, I doubt it’s that simple. I mean, I DO see this on one of the first pages of this study, so go from there

This has some implications, to say the least

Aristophanes (humor) isn’t allowed, Aristotle (logic) isn’t allowed… Just a normal society I love to live in.

Be right back, I’m going to request to write a dissertation on this at a university. Ahahaha yeah right. I JUST SAID IT- logic isn’t allowed. So how could you write about that? Let’s return to this formula

if/when this or that occurs, this or that must be done

if/when an intrinsically illogical people is in power, they should be removed

“It’s good to turn into the turd world, goy!” Yeah that really screams “logic” to me. People are absolutely confused. Pilpul’d into a drooling stupor. Name any of the standard beliefs we’re supposed to have- every single one of them is rooted in unreason. Respect the unrespectable – that is what is called a logical contradiction. The Talmud and its people need to be pulped. Please read Aschheim’s study on the Ostjuden- a deeply irrational, superstitious, backward people, and they haven’t changed much since that time. Spinoza was an Aristotelian, that’s why they gave him the boot out of society. And that’s what they do to Aristotelians of today!

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