Remember this list of fellow-travelers from around the world?

This can be so revised at this point. Don’t trust El-Missiri or Faye. Plus we could add several more countries now if we wanted to. For now I’m trying to find material by Plevris.

Mostly on google you see lots of articles about his trial. He was ultimately acquitted so they must have learned from a certain someone in their history.

Remember these are the people I said stooped down to tie their shoe and when they looked up again certain foreigners living in their country had disappeared, that someone had hauled them off apparently when they were tying their shoe.

Plevris is regarded as the most “problematic” Greek of today. As you can see above there’s bound to be others similar to him to find. Are there some well-versed in Plato, Aristotle, etc.? That would be a treasure.

They must have those old virtues over there still

If you recall my statement from yesterday, this is another people with an old old history.

Click here to see some sordid behavior they’ve demonstrated against the Greeks across the last handful of centuries. It’s a story we’ve heard here before. For many people, no amount of countries they see them infiltrating and betraying will cause them to see an anti-semite when they look in the mirror.

It’s another one to add to the list- how many more before you “get it”?

Similar to the Armenian Genocide they shift the blame onto the Turks for this.

We’re your best friend! Until all of a sudden your blood is in our soup. That’s an odd kind of best friend.

Όταν μιλάμε για υποδούλωση, μιλάμε για πραγματική υποδούλωση. Μιλάμε για ολοκληρωτική υποδούλωση, χωρίς να χρησιμοποιούμε εισαγωγικά.

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