It’s one of those days that I need a beauty elixir. That Vienna School seems like it tends to have the right anti-modern instinct, so I’m going to look for what they endorse as exemplifying the beautiful.

First thing I see

Art history was politics by other means

This is from a book about not only people like Sedlmayr- Burckhardt too. So art from before the French Revolution in the first case, and art from the Renaissance in the other.


Medicine, i.e. certain phenomena was perceived as expressions of a cultural mental illness.

And in upside-down world they perceive talk of degeneration as itself symptomatic of mental illness. No, ugliness is put on display as beauty, that is the norm today. And I’d characterize people who think that’s okay as “pathological”.

You can find more from and on Sedlmayr on the Krautnet, for example here. This is a woman writing about this. Not everywhere is the same as the US.

Asking the right questions

the question must be: How was the history of the Vienna School written? Or: How should the history of the Vienna School be written?

The Englishnet is all nazi nazi nazi bad bad bad devil art history.

You know it’s okay to be a woman and hate that all this shit is happening, right? Maybe it’s even more taboo for women to be reactionaries, I don’t know.

Is she an anomaly in the German-speaking world I wonder?

Imagine for a second the possibility that we could turn all the decadence around. It happens overnight. Doesn’t that give you a feeling of relief? It’s only a fantasy so enjoy it while it lasts. Oh sorry, is it already gone?

You think COVID will have had any noticeable impact on Hollywood? Back to business-as-usual? Or did they do some soul-searching during this time? Or were they pushed further into an even more extreme liberal decline?

Ugh all the basic COVID talk going around is so boring, whether it’s rightist or leftist. Can you talk about the “superstructure” for once, please? Aha yeah right, because you got the mind-control vax already. And now you’re talking about a different kind of vax when it’s already too late for you!

Do people visit here just so they have a personal demon in their life?

This I agree with

Apparently he publicly debated Adorno, that must be on the Krautnet somewhere.

Remember that some have said that Sedlmayr did for art history what Schmitt did for political theory. Some are more buried than others.

The title of his magnum opus mentioned above is an allusion to Yeats’ famous poem by the way.

Your ray of sunshine for the day

Whereas Spengler (who he quotes frequently) believes the decline is Destiny.

This is Sedlmayr’s view

Towards 1770 (!) you can already note a lessening of joy.

He thought there was a spiritual “revolution” prior to the French Revolution, a sickness caused by the enlightenment which he equated with the will to autonomy, autonomy from the divine- God is the “lost center” of his title.

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