Sparing no one at all. And why should anyone be spared? The Day of Judgment is well within anyone’s grasp to carry out for themselves.

Okay, I’ll cut the act, let’s be friends now. Ha we both know it’s not an act.

I don’t think people truly realize how much fear motivates their actions, or lack of action. Most steps of the journey for me have involved some kind of fear and/or anxiety. For instance, when I used to mock Muslims about turning Mecca into a radioactive crater, there was a fear that ISIS was going to chop my head off. And I said it anyway, because I have a certain gripe with Islam, though a lot less of one now. Similarly, when I initially wanted to express some “negative thoughts” I had about Russians I was paranoid I was going to get jumped by the KGB. I don’t think I’m the only one that’s like that either. The difference is, I actually don’t let that fear inhibit me. Threatening the feds of the US- everyone wants to do it, why don’t you? There are different steps to this. Is it fear that prevents you from saying anything negative about African-Americans? I used to have plenty of thoughts of some gang from Detroit, drug-addled brutes, tracking me down, beating the shit out of me, stabbing me, etc. Then there are other anxieties pertaining to speaking negatively of my own co-ethnics. You throw them under the bus then who’s actually on “your team” anymore? I don’t care. I just say what I see in the world. Oh no, it looks like I’ll miss out on tight asian pussy for frequently referring to them as a robotic people. You have to be consistent. I was wondering earlier if the Muslims see the Hidden Imam in a similar way that I see the Übermensch. Because I only say what I think the Übermensch would like me to say. I don’t care about existing humans. Over the last year in fact I care about them sooooo much less than I did before. I see them for what they are, and they’re not creatures you want to be flattering. Would you be able to accept it if most of the things I’ve said about them were true? I repeat- the idea of me having a “team” at all is questionable to me. Every last one that I’m aware of seems to waver on the edge of giving up and being a shameless shill on a daily basis. At least some try, at least there’s some “wavering” involved with some. As for one I don’t have to worry about at all- I’m not sure such a one exists. Virtually all of them have a foot in both camps, at best. They probably have some rationalized, illusory idea of what the meaning of “bad” is. I’m saying these people are BAD people. That’s the world we live in. At least the ones who waver aren’t as bad. Still though, I don’t plan on seeing them as an equal or friend or anything like that. Everyone has “Artxell Syndrome” when someone makes them face their fear of the Jews. Everyone. Are even the bankers afraid of criticizing each other? One does wonder. All they can do is cope like malfunctioning, smoking machines rolling around on their conveyor-belt feet in circles. This is not an exaggeration. I know for a fact that some of the wisest people in our culture are like this. I only invite them to attend to their own experience of fear. Because I think it tends to be hidden. It IS fear. Once you admit that’s what it is then you can more clearly decide if you should be afraid or not. In other words, there’s a difference between being unreflectively afraid on the one hand, and making decisions based on reason on the other.

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