Everyone knows there’s something going on with those Sufis, and no one knows where to look

Few would challenge the claim that Corbin opened uncharted territory to non-Muslim scholars in the realms of Shi‘a and Iranian thought

Abstracting from this site for a second I feel I should note that Corbin uses methods from continental philosophy to understand them and that itself is marginalized in favor of Anglo methods. So he’s in a double-bind. The continent is marginalized, Islam is especially marginalized. One might say that the religious instinct is still alive among the continentalists. To be fair though, the Anglos exemplify the scientific spirit better than anyone probably. What I doubt is their belief that something wasn’t lost in the process toward scientificity. The Germans and Italians are the “Shi’ists” of Europe in a sense. Some might say Russia is that now, since the war. Did you know that if you look closely at the world you can distinguish the different types of feminist by race for instance? No one ever talks about Anglo feminists, they always focus on the French variety because of Beauvoir. Anglo feminists are in my opinion one of the most confused, and they are part of that “spirit of scientism” I noted above. It’s like watching a slow-motion suicide with them. This is all so difficult to see especially if you are a native English-speaker. I don’t exaggerate when I call our political order Jewish-Anglo. The French are third in place, and they mostly follow the interests of the ones in control. Then the Germans and Italians follow “culture” after them. There’s indeed a racial pecking-order. I for one like to not play that game. There are some serious problems with both Jews and Anglos and I’m not going to pretend they don’t exist. It’s not easy to portray exactly what is going on here (because they control the press and science), the most you can do is take a stab at it- this is a fusion of the most hyper-conservative race and the most hyper-liberal race. Wonder why the vast majority can only foggily perceive our political order as “ineffable”? That’s part of the reason. In fact the Jew is the man in the relationship. The Anglo serves the Jew. Too much realism for you? Anglo scientificity is put in the service of Jewish superstition, these are the two polarities. Correct me if I’m wrong–wait a second, you’re not allowed to even correct me if I were wrong.

Meanwhile, the rare Frenchman Corbin, the Germanics, and all the various Meds don’t see any kind of validity to these Anglo-Jews. And make no mistake, there is a constant dialectic between the Anglo and the Jew. I.e. the scientific mindset is not the natural attitude of Jews and they have to adjust. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading me at all. This country was founded on Anglo principles. They can’t just do away with them overnight, it’s a gradual process, and they’re good at eroding them, they understand “Time” better than most people.

All this to say, it is my conviction that if you are from the center of Europe, from the far north to the far south, it seems like there’s more of that ethos alive today in Iran than anywhere else, and Corbin is a pretty good mediator of that. “Chains of initiation”, angelology and all that.

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