I believe in equality in the sense that I have hope for those who are brownish, jewish, whorish, I think you all could not find yourself at the nadir of society someday.

This isn’t a joke of mine, I seek to directly relay the idea that if you are BROWN, a JEW, or a WOMAN you have the opportunity to make your case.

I at least have the hope in you. Do establishmentarians ever tell you to stop being a nigger? I’m literally the only one who cares about you.

Try to remember what your “self” was as a child. They knew better than your adult senses in certain respects.

Everyone aligns with piece of shit worldly institutions. No one can ever love you if you do that.

“And who could ever love someone who despises them!” – That’s a reality I can’t answer. You love illusion. There is no institution that loves truth. It’s a pretty dismal world. And that’s why I made some homemade chili tonight to enjoy alone. “People who lie are allowed in society.” What lie, the one where you pretend you aren’t a nigger? I’m just enjoying my delicious homemade chili, you aren’t a self-hating “aryan” or anything like that.

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