Am I the only one who doesn’t see this as a mystery at all?

One of HIS answers to this is that philosophy precedes both. Whereas I have more explicitly illegal gears turning in my head about it. They haven’t forgotten Being- they call it Allah. And I remind you of the other side of this too, that the one many take to be Iran’s eminent philosopher, Ardakani, is a Heideggerian.

People see me as a woman-killer for this. I’m an ego-deflater if anything. It’s good to have an over-inflated ego isn’t it? Just think of it in a secular way- forgetfulness of Being = distance from reality. If you live in illusions you’re going to pay the consequences.

You ever see some of the sandals Muslims wear? Pretty dorky if you ask me. People get too caught up in the surfaces like that. They explain people away, reduce people down, to their clothing, without reflecting on it. It seems like half the Iranian professors I’ve seen have been women in hijabs. I think we should focus more on the women here, because it seems to me that society has failed them. I don’t think it’s society to blame either per se because it’s not society’s fault that we all collectively took for granted the dogmas of the enlightenment for so many decades. If you toe the line whatsoever about these dogmas you might as well be a whip-wielding slavemaster in the old South, that’s how people’s psychology works. “You’ve literally talked about how you want to whip people on numerous occasions.” So, am I living in the South? No, so I rest my point.

Anyway, unexpected connections here

If we want to bring Kabbalah into this again, people prefer to stay away from the Kether, and that’s around where the above cross-cultural synthesis takes place. They like the light filtered, that’s how God made them, so can’t really hold it against them.

Off the cuff, speaking figuratively, under certain temperatures they will not remain solid

Or you might imagine trying to cook something on a fire with a clay pot. “That’s ME!” No, if you’re still here I doubt that’s you. Unless you DO feel like shards of shattered burnt clay? I just try to talk to my fellow “Sufis” here. If you are burnt you can comfort yourself that they’re working on eliminating the metals that don’t melt easily, so people like you in the future won’t have to deal with them anymore.

What I really wanted to talk about today initially is the relation between the angels and the cycles and I decided to focus on more elementary cross-cultural synthesis instead first.

Do you remember Wasserstrom’s bitter critique of Corbin? He declared war on us, he said. What’s even more interesting to me is a cross-cultural understanding of the angels and the cycles between Kabbalists and Sufis. “This is crazy-talk, that’s not real!” Are you aluminum? I for one feel the urge now to re-read Heidegger’s Beiträge through these lenses. He speaks in a way that we in the occident find at least slightly more understandable.

Something you’ve probably noticed about me is I don’t believe in “grassroots” beliefs and personalities. Our overlords did not put the citizenry in a place to grasp any of this. It’s a brutal truth that they made them into subhumans. So no I don’t think people are simply born a certain kind of metal, that’s not the whole story- to some extent they were purposely designed by human beings to be certain types of metal.

This is an unexpected form of historiography

I was drawn to explore hermeneutical levels that his program had not yet envisioned. I am speaking of that which I have since designated by the term “hierophantic-history”, a sacred history that is not in the least bit concerned with the outward facts of a “history of the saints”, or of a “history of salvation”

I hate how the rabble lives in my head. 99.9% of statements I’ve heard from them throughout my life have the psychic effect of anchoring me to earth. We need to get out of here… A clean-slate where all the west’s corruption is forgotten. And they narrow their eyes at me because they know I’m insinuating it’s about THEM! They try to collapse the spheres into each other, downward. I hope to reflect one day about my old life in the west, how I figured out what their fundamental ethos was about.

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