Guenon and Corbin were familiar with each other’s conceptions of Sufism, and you can read about that here.

I’m most interested at the moment though in the similarities and differences between Sufism and Kabbalah–“he declared war on us” ahahah!!–and the hyperlink speaks of that too

Every time his favorite Muslim Gnostics deal with numerology, ‘ilm al-jafr, or the science of letters, or the angelical realm of malakût, of the metaphysical world of light, or the symbolism of colors, Corbin exclaims, “our theosophers connect with the preoccupations of the Kabbalists.”

None of the Sufis he discusses ever read the Zohar, Luria, etc. either.

Too bad this article ended up being half about the Shoah. That’s the mystical lesson for today goys and girls. So moving on to anuddah one then.

There’s a similarity between the two mysticisms that Abulafia expresses about Kabbalah here

Indeed, each and every body is a letter [ot] … and every letter is a sign [ot], signal [siman], and verification [mofet] to instruct about the divine overflow [shefa ha-shem] that causes the word [ha-dibbur] to emanate through its mediation. Thus, all of the world, all the years, and all the souls are replete with letters.

For the Kabbalists, only Jews know the codes that can decipher the mysteries of material beings.

This is an essay by a Heideggerian Yid (ironically)

this text does not mean to say that non-Jews are so illiterate that they cannot speak or write. The point is not literacy but ontological accessibility.

Let’s just call them illiterate, I’m fine with that. “You’re illiterate! You don’t know what doom awaits you in life for meddling with us.” Touchy touchy touchy, tell me the meaning of those letters.

They WANT world domination, the goyim couldn’t care less. They have it because they want it. And we can separate the goyim- the Shi’ists do not let themselves be dominated. This says a lot about the three peoples in question. Virtually every white in my experience has demonstrated they’re their minions. Maybe I should just accept I’m part of a “nigger people”. A Jew’s reading this thinking “You finally get it!” That’s the real secret of our political order- it isn’t that blacks and browns are niggers (everyone knows that), it’s the fact that white people are. “You know how to make me feel like shit don’t you?” Want me to pretend it isn’t real? Maybe you shouldn’t have been so servile and easily manipulated, then I wouldn’t have concluded this.

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