I’ve brought this up before and it’s still fascinating to me because I was one of those people who for years believed it ended with Averroes

Defeating the received idea that Islamic philosophy would have died out with Averroes, his sum In Iranian Islam shows that it reached its zenith in the land of Iran. Sohrawardi, condemned to death by Saladin, had made the synthesis between Shiism, Zoroastrianism and Neoplatonism, inaugurating centuries of mystical poetry.

Is it the poetry that made them different? Why are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. such stooges?

I’m on the Frenchnet to figure this out since they’ve probably studied more Corbin than anyone

I for one happen to think Rumi might be onto something here

What you are looking for is also looking for you.

The middle east is such a scary world to people here. They’re not looking for that at all.

Trying to get a better idea of the difference between Sunnis and Shias, it seems the latter perceives the angel Gabriel speaking through Muhammad. Gabriel is also the Holy Spirit, also the Active Intelligence. They believe that Gabriel spoke through the Imams as well. So this might give you an idea of how they perceived Khomeini.

It’s like Goethe’s idea that the eye was made BY light FOR light. Your inner light perceives outer light. In the antithetical side of the double-gyre one wonders what the eyes were made by and for… The inner darkness perceives outer darkness. “Haha”. Anyway it’s the same idea with the angel Gabriel, or Holy Spirit, as we tend to call it here.

Another interesting connection is that early on, before he went full-on Orientalist, Corbin took a keen interest in Lutheran Protestantism. Can we infer from this that he saw Shi’ism as a more thoroughgoing Protestantism?

This I understand

Iran and Germany were thus the geographical reference points of a Quest that, in point of fact, pursued its course in spiritual regions that do not appear upon our maps.

Some call it a journey of post-Nietzscheanism. I’ve posted before about how neech aspired to write a better Lutheran Bible. He always remained an extreme prot in my opinion. He never made the jump into theism, he lived and died in a world where God was dead. I might even make the controversial claim that Heidegger was similar. He said himself he was merely preparing the way! “Not the way to THIS.” It’s the living model of theism in the world, that can’t be pushed around by Mammon and the “spirit of uprooting”, so are you sure about that?

This is a crazy statement to see

No, this isn’t the Haman of Purim. In this context he might as well be though. He’s one of the ones out there that can convince you of the truth of revelation, and Corbin must have applied that to non-Judeochristian scriptures, the heresy the heresy. Corbin is like a buried Scholem, it’s going to take some time to figure out what’s going on with him. I see it as learning “another type of Farsi”.

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