While Corbin was opposed to Nasr’s perennialism, nonetheless

for them both, the School of Isfahan represented the high point of Persian Shiʿite civilization

This is another of those obscurer “renaissances” of the world.

The story tends to go that al-Ghazali’s arguments against philosophy put an end to speculation in the Islamic world in the 12th century. Meanwhile this school was operating into the 18th.

Corbin wanted to make reading Mollā Ṣadrā as normal as reading Kant. And looking at how irrationally biased we are about these Abrahamic cousins of ours I wouldn’t be surprised if there WAS a Kant hiding there somewhere. Have you even heard of Mollā Ṣadrā before? Did you get around to reading Alfarabi yet? Why don’t any of the puppet-people talk about this kind of thing on 9/11? Oh yeah they live in the world of superficial appearances. Further, I’m not surprised that the Straussians don’t study these thinkers, probably something to do with their crypto-atheism (yes, that is a secret of the Straussians). I for one don’t think mystical experience to be a noble lie. Death of God noises beep beep.

If you ever get the feeling of irritation when reading me talk about Islam in a favorable light, realize that’s part of why I do it in the first place! I don’t think people have grounds for that irritation. Part of why I like it is because it’s taboo and makes people uneasy. I personally can study it without feeling irritated. What is it about it, can you tell me? Or is it a nameless irritation you can’t exactly explain? Keep being a Jews’ nigger, it’s a great look. Even after the Maoist disaster people can learn about the Chinese more objectively than the Islamists. “Kawl Mawks” as they call him in China led to a lot more deaths than Muhammad- I think Mawksists have been brainwashed. One might even call that the one true opposition in the world today- Muhammad versus Mawks. The Russian Orthodox? AHAHA! Might as well be the Shamanic religion of Brazil in its powerlessness, in light of the Shi’ists. Write books in Russia about you-know-who and you go to prison- the gulag system might as well have never ended.

Anyway Corbin traces the Isfahan School’s legacy to modern-day Iran

The spiritual continuity of Persian Islam was thus seen as being radical and oppositional. The Iranian revolution and the political and juridical face of Shiʿism poses a serious challenge, especially when in the form of an individual like Ayatollah Khomeini one encounters a deep affinity to the thought of the School of Isfahan with a radical political agenda that was completely ignored by Corbin

I think that hostile Yid was onto something in pointing out that Corbin was a sneaky one.

What’s valuable about him is he frames their ethos in ways westerners can understand

Corbin himself explicitly discussed three different schools within the rubric of the School of Isfahan: the platonic school of Mir Dāmād, the existentialist school of Mollā Ṣadrā, and the apophatic school of Rajab-ʿAli Tabrizi

Good luck building a cabin in Idaho to get away from ZOG. We both know that is not a solution, that it’s only a way to “buy time”.

To me this is a fitting subject matter for a Sunday. The spirit of Christ was present in Nietzsche, and I don’t really see it present anywhere in the west today, thus I look elsewhere.

Not much material exists that attempts to explain the formation of Iranian consciousness. I see Corbin as a tour-guide that helps get me acquainted with the people rather than their buildings or cuisine or something like that.

I think most people here resign themselves to a certain “Providence” that they’re a defeated people that should just accept their lot. Just go to Cancun, go to Maui, to “feel free” for a few days a year and fill the void in your life you miserable dope. Lament the vax totalitarianism instead of the real totalitarianism. What’s the next “vax” you will lament to avoid talking about what matters? I bet there will be 20 or so “vaxes” you will lament in the next decades of your pathetic life. You slave. “Totalitarianism” doesn’t technically exist when there’s an oasis where you can critique it like Iran.

What do you really know about the place?

Facts exclusively limited to those of the Sunni majority have had it for too long that Sufism is Islam’s spirituality. In fact, Shî’ite spirituality goes well beyond Sufism.

Remember, before Corbin virtually all Islamology revolved around the Sunnis. Then there was the Iranian Revolution. He opened a very brief window into their world that was promptly slammed shut.

Even if you went into something trivial like web design over there (which they sorely need) it would be infinitely more noble than being some ZOG patsy which you’re forced to be here in one way or another. Ideally one would be collaborating with that favorite study center of mine I’ve linked to. That seems like “The Way” in our geo-historical situation. Like I implied above, I’ve been indirectly talking about the esoteric side of 9/11 throughout all this, and it’s still all new to me too, because the propaganda over the years has been so dense. One does not simply travel on the map of spirit from the US to Germany to Iran overnight.


the theme of the Grail… is prefigured in the heroic epics of ancient Iran, and it is present in Suhrawardî’s own works, where it typifies the passage from the heroic to the mystical epic, a fact of capital importance in the cultural history of Iran.

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