On the spaghettinet to see if anyone has developed the Baron’s musings on the Grail

Here we find a fundamental notion of the traditional movement: the current of initiatory mysteries has deserted the West for the East… the initiates are the masters of the world, but they do not use this mastery for the development of the horizontal line. On this level, they are invisible.

This is back to that idea of, Okay you have the most advanced technologies, you have a stockpile of nukes, and what else do you have? A “cringe citizenry”? That’s all I see.

Evola saw the grail quest as a mystery tradition deriving more from the pagan Celts and Nords than the Christians, he saw it as “hyperborean”. Others believe the Templars learned of it through Ismaili guardians of the Holy Land during the Crusades. And everyone knows Wagner’s explicitly Christian portrayal of this mythos, so there are interpretations all across the board. For instance, in Eschenbach the Grail is a stone rather than a chalice. I’m just going to stick with Evola for now, who is one of those crazy people that speculates this legend goes all the way back to Atlantis.

Just think of this stuff symbolically. He says that in one “story” Adam had it and lost it

the Grail itself was obtained from a stone fallen from the sky, from an emerald that adorned the forehead of Lucifer before his revolt.

Simply showing you that all the extant sources do not revolve around the Last Supper as we tend to think. In one telling it was possessed by a knight of Pontius Pilate.

While it’s pretty open-ended in the literature I think most of us have a pretty clear idea of what the symbol stands for.

Here’s one stab at it

I think people intuit that the Grail “gives you the secret” or something to that effect. The next question is, what do you do with the secret once you learn it?

A higher knowledge is sensed to be lost and that is what is sought on the Quest.

I personally see Evola himself as a “shard of the Grail”. All of the shards need to be put together to restore the ancient hermetic relic. This is also why I have an interest in Kabbalah- that too is a shard.

Besides his standalone book on the subject he also has an essay on it in his third volume of magic

Merlin, King Arthur’s inseparable counselor, who is not so much a figure in his own right as the personification of the supranatural part of Arthur himself. Arthur’s knights will go in quest of the Grail. They recruit their members from all lands

For him this legend is connected with the cyclical view of history. The Grail is the knowledge from the Golden Age. In my previous post I talked about another “shard”- the Persian Golden Age.

This a profound statement

Every time the spirit declines and impiety triumphs, I manifest myself; from age to age I take on a body for the protection of the just, the destruction of the wicked, and the establishment of the law.

Fusing the Holy Grail together once again, it needs to be done. This is the true “Hidden Imam” in my opinion- it exists latently and it can return to earth through sheer human will. Given geopolitical conditions though, the Shi’ists may very well be the ones now in possession of the Grail, or at least the closest thing to a restored Grail. Iran itself is the Imam hidden in the time of the Kali Yuga.

If this doesn’t give you a good belly laugh I don’t know what to tell you

England often appears in this literature as the promised land of the Grail, and the one in which the essential Grail adventures take place

Evola says THULE is the true country of the Grail, and it’s a symbolic country. One might think of that psychocosmic mountain of the Sufis that exists on a plane between the angels and the humans, where the two interact through the divine’s descending and the human’s ascending.

an invisible citadel only accessible by the elect, and even for them only through deathly peril

Not so fatal in the land of the Imam. Though I do read that those sanctions imposed on them by Mammon have quite brutal effects.

He seems right about this

Like a terrible energy, the Grail kills, shatters, or blinds the knights who approach it unworthily

If you can’t face the JQ you can’t face the Ein Soph, simple as that.

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