There are so many Tolkien-freaks there must be some high-minded musings on the Silmarillion out there? This is about the origin story of Middle-earth. It’s a story from the perspective of elves, handed down to hobbits. No, I’m not “darkly hinting” about anything here!

It begins similar to Genesis. Eru is the creator God, the One. The elves call it Ilúvatar.

You can see a “triple-creation” here- Tolkien created the creator God, the creator God created the LOTR universe including Sauron, Sauron created the ring. Before Sauron, Ilúvatar created the Ainur which are similar to angelic beings. One of these Ainur named Melkor was predisposed to trying to out-do Ilúvatar, which he was consistently unable to. After the Ainur were created, Ilúvatar created the world of elves and humans. Melkor got the idea that if he couldn’t out-do Ilúvatar then perhaps he could be his own version of Ilúvatar in the world of elves and humans. Not only Melkor descends to this world to help form it, thirteen other Ainur do as well.

Tell me, is this more palatable to you than Shia Islam? For them it’s Muhammad, his daughter, and the twelve Imams, so it’s a similar number, it’s weird. “Yeah and that’s a FANTASY tale too!” Is there a country that believes in the Tolkien cosmology and effectively resists Melkor? I don’t think so.

Melkor is the most powerful Ainu. That’s why he thought he could show up Ilúvatar, so he’s distinct from the other Ainur. The other Ainur are more numerous though. As they form the world Melkor destroys it. Finally the other Ainur work together to create a perfect world. As they’re relaxing on the “seventh day of rest” so to speak, Melkor pulls down the equivalent of a “sun” they created (“lamp” it’s called) and splits the world into two continents, Aman and Middle-earth. I’m just giving you the basic breakdown, there are a lot more details- Tolkien was a veritable theologian. You think this will be in the Amazon series?

Ilúvatar says that the elves will bring forth more beauty than the humans, and that the humans though will have a new gift which is a freedom that opens them up to being perceived by the elves as “Melkorian”.

Maybe it would help people in the west understand Shi’ism if they interpreted it with the attitude they have when they hear about LOTR. You can’t begin with skepticism, you have to “want to know”. Even if it’s just a story you want to know the details, right? What actually happened before Frodo and Gandalf and all that?

One of the Ainu, Aulë, creates dwarves to be durable and stubborn so they can be strong enough to resist Melkor. People probably perceive Muslims that way. While I don’t think it’s fair to designate them as the dwarves of the world, that’s probably how people in the west see them. If you see whites as hobbits they definitely did a worse job of holding out against Melkor, so it might be better to be a dwarf.

“Nooo don’t make my favorite film series about racism!” I showed you before that Tolkien himself thought about it in a kind of racist way.

Back to reality, I think both whites and muslims have mixtures of elf and dwarf. Wait, that’s not reality–unless? I’m just trying to put you in that imaginal realm that Corbin speaks of.

Ilúvatar, who you know created the Ainur and the world, says that the Ainu Aulë created the dwarves not to have much freewill. It seems that was part of the “recipe” to prevent them being corrupted by Melkor.

This is what Aulë himself says to Ilúvatar

Yet the making of things is in my heart from my own making by thee

I for one do not want to be a dwarf OR a minion of Melkor, I want to be an elf. The dwarves have simply fashioned quite the stronghold against Melkor.

Enough. Just to show you that one can take the Silmarillion way off the reservation.

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