The more I look into Moshe Idel the more I think he’s even more explicit than Laitman – this is how he begins his study on the golem, which is not to be confused with Smeagol

I mean, if you want to confuse it with Smeagol go right ahead wink wink.

I’m not going to talk to you symbolically, you to talk to children in the jargon of LOTR. Idel calls it the magical creation of an anthropoid. God created humankind and Abraham created the Jews. What’s the next step that Idel doesn’t say directly? The goyim are the golems created by the Jews.

The golem is perceived as brute material that spirituality is pulled down into. Feeling creeped out yet? Sorry if I’m explaining your life. Sorry if the one that pulled “spirituality” down into you was Smeagol.

No, I’m serious, that’s what they call it- the creation of the golem. Both Scholem and Idel write about this tradition which goes back to Medieval times.

How’s football going today? Maybe you care about that instead.

this literature was written by the elite, at least up to the end of the eighteenth century… most of the authors who discussed the topic of the Golem did it in a positive tone.

It’s an attempt to imitate the divinity.

Chosen People with capital letters create chosen people with lower-case letters.

Again, Idel is not framing it the way I am, he’s not saying anything about the goyim directly – you can look at his study for yourself, this is just my cynical understanding of it.

By creating an anthropoid the Jewish master is not only able to display his creative forces, but may attain the experience of the creative moment of God, who also has created man in a similar way… we may describe the Golem practices as an attempt of man to know God by the art He uses in order to create man.

The hermetical magical tradition had a parallel practice of creating “human-like statues”. Should I wait til closer to Halloween to write about this?

Idel says techniques for creating the Golem are contained in canonical Jewish writings and that there is no opposition to it. So basically, being a living Demiurge is doctrinal.

Maybe I have a new nickname for you now, my golem friends.

In the Talmud, Jesus boils in a cauldron of excrement and Mary is a whore. Sounds about right. I’m not so sure I’D create golem like that- the Jews are a “quirky” bunch though aren’t they?

Idel says the tradition of the creation of the golem emerged from extrapolations of the text known as the Sefer Yezirah, which is a sort of counter-part to the Zohar.

WERE you created by Smeagol? That thought does cross my mind. Probably just a random perception, nothing to worry about. How’s that cauldron though? Got some nice jacuzzi bubbles in there? Did they place the cauldron in front of the football game today at least? They are pretty thoughtful and caring like that.

Behold how we can comprehend the natural and divine [sciences] from the books of the intellectuals only some aspects of the first part, and it not impossible that one of the intellectuals of the Gentiles will comprehend them, but the other aspects [the second division] it is impossible [to be comprehended by them]

This is probably why we’re reading this book of Idel’s in English, because of this conviction of theirs.

There’s multiple levels to this. God creates the golem known as the Jews, the Jews create the golem known as the goyim, and the white goyim partake in the simulacra the Jews partake in by creating the golem known as the POC. Teaching them equalism IS a form of “playing Yahweh”. And isn’t it funny how equalism is taught when this caste-system exists? The white goyim golem isn’t supposed to ask too many questions. Creating golems that don’t recognize themselves as golems, that’s essential.

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