Hey, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen my site show up on google – do you think it’s banned on the Englishnet? I don’t know

When I listen to the French language I regret my fascination with the Orient, because French SOUNDS like the aristocratic language, so it’s too bad they’ve been conquered.

When I think of the “real-life equivalent of elves” though Boulainvilliers pops into my mind.

If you feel a twinge or a pang of insecurity when you hear the word “orc” tell me what your politics are about, really. What kind of world do you want? Be honest.

Only noble people can be honest with themselves, so these are self-defeating questions.

Do you look fondly upon the Maoist Disaster? The Chinese are kind of like a “Mongol Horde” the more I think about it.

Remember, in question is an extinct human species, as far as I can tell. This I see as a result of the “need to share”. The nobility was stirred into the melting pot with the rabble. This amounted to a reduced human being. While it did “bring the rabble up” the prime specimens of humanity were eliminated.

Scrolling and scrolling through the Frenchnet I substantiate my thesis that it is an extinct race in question- because all I see on Boulainvilliers was written by grandsons of the Révolution.

Then I imagine my average reader scowling at me for not being on board with their plan to eliminate the prime specimens. Brute-brained Bolsheviks.

Huh, so Voltaire was familiar with both strains of thinking

When you are able to perceive how brutish our Bolsheviks really are it seems to follow that they could use an extreme form of religion like Islam. Leftism tends to just be a noble-SEEMING way of indulging their crude impulses. Imagine an orc tilting its head back at the sky and bellowing forth a war-cry. That’s what they do except in calm and collected English.

Ugh the Frenchnet is so disappointing. In an ideal world there’d be abundant material on the pathos of distance. How to maintain it. How to not be absorbed into the rabble. I suppose then that task is left to us.

Hint- if you formulate thus… the rabble will attempt to absorb you.

Ohohohoho I know you too well.

Montesquieu actually discusses the nobleman in question

The count de Boulainvilliers, and the abbé du Bos, have formed two different systems, one of which seems to be a conspiracy against the commons, and the other against the nobility… If you ascend too high, you will burn the heavenly mansions; if you descend too low, you will reduce the earth to ashes

Here is a different abbé’s response to Boulainvilliers

Very well. We, the Gallo-Roman plebs, will now conquer the nobility by expelling and abolishing them. Our rights will supersede theirs on exactly the principle they invoke.

This attitude has developed for a couple centuries now- today we have a rabble that considers itself the nobility. It truly has certain characteristics of one too if you look closely. It is a DISDAIN it has for the idea of aristocracy. Thus it is an inherently contradictory mindset. A nobility of the ignoble. Hatred for nobility is what counts as noble to them.

the bourgeoisie had overthrown both the monarchy and the aristocracy and had lumped the two… into one Germanic tyranny. “Freedom” had thereby changed camps, from the Franks to the Gallo-Romans.

Am I the only one that’s dumbfounded by the lack of interest in the old nobility? “No, they’re extinct for a good reason, we don’t care what they were like.” The way I perceive it, it was a RACE WAR between elves and orcs, a majority or “horde” if you will, engulfing a minority. Have you ever looked at French people? They don’t all look the same, you can distinguish some elven survivors among them. Now dwelling sullenly in a barbaric mob-country. If you live around those kinds of people without a pathos of distance the noble consciousness dissipates and only the appearance remains. And the latter will be gone too soon enough without that consciousness.

This is interesting

No one conversant with the history of France can deny the presence in that country of two contending parties. They are now called Right and Left and they tend to find the ground of their divergence in the French Revolution. The Right is Catholic, conservative, frequently monarchical or fascist. The Left is liberal, anticlerical, frequently socialist or communist. Many observers, however, find the division to be older than that, going back to the period of the Reformation, and to the heresies and disaffections of peasant and serf during the Middle Ages.

Back to that Sufi idea of Goethe’s that the inner light perceives outer light- like attracts like, and these different races in France probably bred separately without really thinking consciously about it. A thousand years of a silent caste-system? I wouldn’t be surprised. I have no doubt that in the US the republican vs. democrat conflict is 90 or so percent based in race as well. DEMOcrats to put it bluntly. And both sides seem to consist of a type of nigger at the end of the day. The aristocrat-minded in the US form a very slight minority, it goes without saying. Understand upside-down world though- the DEMOcrats perceived the republicans as ORCS for wanting to keep the orcs of south america out with the wall. Hating orcs is what is perceived as orcish here.

This is an interesting textwall though if you’re into this kind of thing. Of course it’s not a nice polished website you find something like that, probably for the reasons stated above. Only ideas that pay lip-service to the party-line of “the nobility of the ignoble” are granted a noble-seeming venue.

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