Asking the Farsinet about Corbin again, because I want to know if they perceive him as “French in the bad way”, and ya never think about the Iranians this way

Some speculate that Zoroastrianism goes back 4000 years, so THAT might be the basis which makes them so different from the other Muslims. And I’m not going to bring up Thus Spoke Zarathustra here and my possible interest in Shi’ism through that, you can leave that to your imagination for now. This is quite the mystery to be solved though, Zoroastrianism’s presence in contemporary Iran.

Sometimes it DOES take a foreigner, an outsider looking in, to see something like this

an observation of what continuity is in the minds of Iranians that exists in both the Zoroastrian and Islamic eras that Corbin thinks he discovered

It could be that the Imams put a Zoroastrian spin on the Quran.

Hmm good to know

And it was founded by a…. any guesses? It was founded by a Jew. To his credit though, he said when he traveled to Egypt he changed from a university professor to a student. Any galaxybrains reading this relate to that?

Let’s just have a moment of realtalk about cladistics- the chances are HIGHLY likely that most of what we understand about Islam is tinted with a Judeochristian lens. I suspect that about the Heideggerian Corbin, and not just laypersons.

Speaking of cladistics this might explain a lot actually!

Shia Islam was declared the state-religion of Iran around the year 1500.

In Saudi Arabia for instance polytheism was dominant. And as is well-known, Zoroastrianism is the world’s first monotheism. This one vs. many idea might be relevant here.

So to give you another timeline- Islamology begins around 1900. Corbin begins studying Iranian Islam around 1940. People closed their minds off to it after the Revolution around 1980. Brief window to study this, we’ll call, Post-Zoroastrianism. Neech, I never imagined you’d have led me here, you drooly mental patient you. You want to make everyone that way, huh? I’m of course wondering how Zoroaster relates to the JQ.

Here is a potentially fascinating “double-scoop”

 In Germany and Austria, however, there are more than 10 Iranian studies chairs each.

Starting to get it yet?

the most extreme critics of the West were themselves Westerners. Nietzsche and Heidegger were neither Muslims nor Iranians! There are those in the West who say that Muslims are the enemies of our culture

The enemy is within. Hello, nice to make your acquaintance (you demon).

It’s nice when someone talks directly and says something like this

Perhaps the most influential thinker of the Islamic tradition in Iran was Mulla Sadra

He was born in the same century Shia was embraced.

You have to be special if your entire country gets “banned”. Slowly learning its subtleties.

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