During the Iran-Iraq War Saddam regularly referred to his enemies as Majus (disciples of the Magi)

This is warming me up to the place even more

It’s been perplexing to me why Saudis and Persians are in a Cold War, and this clears up some of that confusion.

Here’s where it gets spicy. Remember Ahriman? The Demiurge linked to Yahweh in esoteric Shia? Besides monotheism Zoroastrianism is usually known for dualism. It’s one God is known as Ahura Mazda, whereas the evil force it’s against is known as… Ahriman. If they’re right that this religion goes back 4000 years to the time of Sumer this could be a holy war more ancient than is usually understood. What’s the true UR-RELIGION anyway? Is it really Judaism?

It might be even crazier than that!

Is it the Hidden Imam or the Hidden Magi?

This could have profound geopolitical implications.

Apparently in Zoroastrianism the Hidden Imam equivalent was known as the Saoyeshant.

This really makes me wonder if I was born in the right country

 It’s ironic that Westerners, with their emphasis on the battle between good and evil on display during the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, do not recognize its source.

Imagine you’re Corbin and you’re native to an Ahriman-controlled country. You’d probably be careful how you talked about “Ahriman”.

Do you see the full scope of the psyop here? We’re conditioned to believe that “Islam” is a young religion relative to Christianity, and especially to Judaism. It’s never framed as Judaism and Shi’ism emerging from Zoroastrianism.

Put differently, is Shi’ism to Zoroastrianism what the Talmud is to the Torah?

You won’t be speculating about too much of this in a World Religions course. WW2 and Ahriman for instance…

From the Farsinet

What that book is called

The extant Avesta is all that remains of a much larger body of scripture, apparently Zoroaster’s transformation of a very ancient tradition.

In other words Ahriman could’ve been causing havoc in Atlantis too, under an even earlier name.

The relative “youth” of the Sunnis might explain why they’re so easily corrupted by Ahriman.

This is how Suhrawardi is described in a book by Corbin, where he says he’s ingrained in Iranian culture

Some three centuries before the great Byzantine philosopher George Gemistus Plethon, the work of an Iranian philosopher brought about a conjunction of the names of Plato and Zoroaster/Zarathustra as heralds of the same “oriental” tradition, going all the way back to Hermes

Recall my posts on Plethon.

Oh man I have an info-overload at the moment with the discovery of this connection. I think I’m starting to grasp that Yid’s hostility about Corbin’s war against “them”. I’m thinking here about the silver-monopolist proto-bankers of Sumer. I doubt there’s a synthetic study out there like that, i.e. one in which the idea of Ahriman was shaped according to their state-within-a-state. “Ahriman” even sounds like something out of LOTR. Ahriman the Lord of the Goblins.

So this Byzantine preceded Nietzsche in a sense

For Gemistus Plethon the “Hellenized Magi” will be further linked with the West, as far away as his friends in the Platonic Academy in Florence. For him this concerns placing a great philosophical and religious reformation under the patronage of Zoroaster, a religion of the future that will overcome and forget the antagonism between the religion of Christ and that of Muhammad.

Meanwhile, further east of the Eastern Roman Empire, Suhrawardi was considered to have subjugated Ahriman by reviving Zoroaster.

How far back does this go?? Do you relate to either one of these?

the antagonism between the pious theurgists, the “hieratics” aided by the Angels, the Avestic Yazatas, and the “wizards”, the Ahrimanic magicians aided by demonic powers, the Dêvs.

I feel like it’s getting more “esoteric” around here than usual with this.

Ohrmazd, another name for the God of Zoroastrianism, has twelve “generals” on his side- so, another connection with the Shi’ists. Remember how I’ve talked about how one of the slurs for goyim in Jewish scripture is “star-worshipers”? The twelve generals correspond with twelve constellations.

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