They really don’t make seminars like this anymore do they

What happened?? We’re clearly not in a “Golden Age”.

Corbin also attended the lectures of Kojève. He’s the most cursed student out of any of them, where he was led. Inb4- Only someone who’s cursed themselves is able to make that judgment.

That probably has something to do with this

Corbin’s philosophy of religion may well be read as a long-lasting reaction against the influence that Guénon’s philosophy had on him in his youth.

It’s a question of grades of initiation. During his time in Egypt Guenon mostly frequented Sunni locales, and was initiated into a Sunni-strain Sufi order.

Look, a Corbinian who is a fan of Khomeini

I have no clue who has followed me with my chains of reasoning to this point. If you exist, I appreciate you.

A lot of the material I find I can’t access unfortunately, I just try to keep you updated about “findings”. I’m trying to sculpt the Grail atom by atom.

I wonder how accurate that Iranian from the other day was when he said that a conversation between Islam and the west, which was held between Corbin and Tabatabai, hasn’t occurred even since the medieval times?

You simply can’t have an honest conversation with them and expect to be received well when you return to the west!

I’m leaving the following for myself, as a reference for later

This is what this writer says Corbin has, and I think some of my readers can relate

the desire to be part of the most eschatological tradition possible.

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