That study is translated into one of our languages at least

L’ultimo Ayatollah Khomeini non NECESSITA di Introduzione. O Così SI potrebbe Pensare. Il Lavoro di Bonaud Rivela davvero Quanto poco ABBIAMO conosciuto (almeno Nelle Lingue Europee) di lui.

What interests me about it in particular is that it frames him as a gnostic. I want to know about their conception of the demiurge, if you catch my drift. Their revolution seems to have been rooted in mysticism.

Isn’t that guy right?

“Sufi Lenin” in a way. And no one knows anything about him here. Ibn ‘Arabi- that’s the one whose thought Guenon was initiated into.

Tehran looks pretty sweet

Meditate on the psychocosmic mountain.

You scared?

This is actually an Israeli series about infiltrating their nuclear facilities. Don’t want the Magi to have nukes? What gives?

It looks like a pretty normal place, really

You have to be a real special kind of “adventurous” to even entertain this possibility.

You think I’ll yearn for Progworld? I doubt it. See how you’re treated when you question the ruling-caste here and you’ll understand. Your options are to be a submissive slave or be made to think your death would be smiled upon. Question their illusions and they’ll be happy if you’re dead. I’m not liking those options, and you shouldn’t either! Accept that your fellows are gradually turning into apes or else, no thanks. Something real evil is happening here and people are too afraid to say it.

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