Ah so it isn’t just me. This is about his magnum opus

Four volumes in all. I’ve seen a few people in both English and Farsi say it’s the crystallization of his studies.

I bet you wish I’d try to figure out more about those Theravada Buddhists of Myanmar instead. Nah, that’s the coward’s route. I’m thinking this could lead to the most dangerous interpretation of Thus Spoke Zarathustra in existence. For some reason I always thought neech was being facetious about using Zoroaster for that, and I’m starting to wonder now if he had a gravely serious intent. The Germans of his generation didn’t know too much about the East, had botched amateurish translations, etc. and people of today still don’t know much about certain mountain-protected regions as in this case especially. This would be so much easier to learn about if we weren’t born around the same time the Shylocracy was trying to set up a home in the Holy Land. That’s also what makes it more exciting though. If it isn’t clear to you that some other diasporic people, like the Gypsies for instance, deserve their own country more than the Jews do, I doubt you’ll understand any of this. They deserve punishment if anything, not a reward. This is the real test of honesty in our time, how you approach that question. If they worshiped Ahriman 8000 years ago I wouldn’t be surprised. And all the inbreeding–ideological and otherwise–probably only made them worse since then.

I haven’t seen much evidence at all there is even a point writing for people in the English-speaking world. I tried for years to help them and I have to admit that I’ve begun perceiving them with a touch of schadenfreude. Wow, you really ARE subhumans, that’s kinda funny! I’ve realized it’s not a matter of trying to prevent that from happening to them, it’s a matter of accepting that’s what they already are. Hey, at least they have each other. Things probably won’t be so bad to them, especially since they’re cognitively incapable of fathoming any other life. Ahriman keeps his animals content at least. That contentment being rounded by a quiet despair notwithstanding. I had this general intuition about them around five years ago and could never accept it- now, it’s finally unfolded such that I see it as True. You can call it their Fate if you want, it’s their Fate to be an “autumnal” people. Intrinsic to that is living in the deception that they represent a spring.

It’s hilarious, anyone with the conviction that the Jews deserve a reward for their history is doomed.

Anyway, while I hate to be cruel, reading a few chapters from this guy, “I could tell this”

I wrote the first book-length study of his work in English, and seem to have become known as something of an authority rather by default because no one else had done it. But I am no scholar and I am certainly not an Orientalist. I cannot possibly be an authority on Corbin

First and ONLY studies in English from what I can tell.

And with that in mind, I saw Harold Bloom in a different book from the one I quoted him before say the following

Scholem, Jonas, Henry Corbin, and Idel seem to me the inescapable fourfold of Western scholarship on esotericism or gnosis

So his magnum opus isn’t translated, and our only substantial secondary scholarship on him is from a hobbyist. You know me, I’m not going to chalk this up to some kind of “conspiracy”!

It’s kind of funny to look at where Tehran is, while thinking of the Sufi idea of the mountain

Who wants to cross that desert to the east either? Pretty choice if you ask me.

You know many people simply want me in an orange jumpsuit, or worse, for this.

Ahriman is the demiurge, and anyone happy with the belief-system his prime minions facilitate partakes of his nature. What I have isolated here is his diametrical opponent. Specifically with Corbin, it’s someone who is from Ahriman’s world who has made his opponent understandable to others from that world. And Corbin is still “locked up” in a sense. Whether Ahriman’s minions are directly responsible for that is an open question.

We have a certain “mystique” about the Sufis here. No one is thoroughgoing in their pursuit of the real essence behind the fog of that. It’s true that 100% of the time in my experience they’re refracted to appear one with New Ageism.

Then we have essayists who avoid Realpolitik when discussing Corbin’s ideas. Without that hostile Yid I might not have caught on to this – so thanks, Yid. I think he might represent the true culmination of German thought in the 20th century. As counter-intuitive as that is to hear about a French Orientalist! And not to sound overly hubristic, I see myself as being one of the representatives of that and I suggest you reflect on my above statement about the futility of speaking to the west about any of this – that, too, I see as a culmination of German thought. Truly, it goes beyond mere futility- it is a hazard to speak to them. If you show a sign you understand these strains of thinking these automata will impulsively try to pull you into their lobotomy cult with them. Further, they want to live in oblivion about the despair the contentment Ahriman gives them is rounded by. When a light is shone on that some experience a schizophrenic self-split where they can sense the autonomous alterior reality of “the enemy in the east”. I think about that conference they had in Tehran in 2006. One of those Yids that wears the round marten fur hat was present, a rare soul no doubt. A conference with one of those Amazonian tribes wouldn’t require any caution. The Persians are a living enemy of Ahriman. Then I have a moment of self-reflection and realize, wait a second, I’M a living enemy, of MY READER probably!

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