Yes! Someone confirms a few of my suspicions, it’s nice to hear in audio too.

Since the late 1970s… the Anglophone Western ivory tower has engaged in a systematic and protracted intellectual as well as personal smear campaign against the scholarship, writings, and ideas of the great French Iranologist and Islamologist Henry Corbin.

He says it’s entrenched, and that this was politically motivated. He links this with the “Perennialist” movement which I detail here.

A hint about how to read the Sufis through Heidegger or vice versa

Ohrmuzd represents light, or being, and Ahriman represents darkness, or non-being.

Another way to put it- Ahriman and his minions correspond to the inferior part of our soul.

Oh I like this

In Ahrimanworld these do not exist whatsoever. A daughter of a Shi’ist scholar would probably be eugenic. I said it!

Western women are spiritually morbidly obese so to speak. Being hot on the outside just isn’t enough for me.

When you read Corbin I suggest you keep in mind that he is quiet about politics and it’s up to you to apply the necessary substitutions within his terminology.

I don’t even TRY to find a good example of the above statement, and one of the first things I see is great

It doesn’t take a braingenius to interpret this in a controversially political way.

Recall how this post began- when the academics aren’t avoiding Corbin, they’re avoiding extrapolating his Gnosis in a way that is opposed to the powers-that-be, i.e. the “Omnipotence” as it’s called above. Being able to do this for yourself is a form of “angelomorphosis”. And you can translate that term itself into your own preferred jargon – though I myself quite like it.

This is what we lost with Cromwell (among others–Erasmus, etc.)

from one rung in the hierarchy to another, each God has his own God, and to perceive this “superior” God (hadd) is to perceive new divine manifestation (theophany) at a new level.

Note how this relates with the above concept of “Omnipotence”

the invisible unity at the summit of… summits is not the unity of an ‘All-powerful’ in an immediate and equidistant relation with all the Ones: there are successions and repeated integrations

Ahriman/Yahweh doesn’t allow any “angel” between him and the goyim. It’s Omnipotence and goyim with no mediation. ONE HUNDRED AND NINE AND YOU EXPECT ME TO SETTLE FOR THAT? Omnipotent Kike and braindead goyim is the real relation.

Gotta tell you, a couple months ago I never expected to discover a mystical inversion of the state-religion.

We’ve seen a similar dynamic with the Olympic, Roman, and Northern pagan religions too. The idea is that there’s a “God above god”.

the seeker is himself a particle of light that is being sought

You’re returning home in a way. Ahriman, being a jealous god, keeps you away from home, i.e. from a God above him. That is the meaning of “demiurge” – thus, if it doesn’t sound too confusing, this is a theological interpretation of the theological-political.

You can think of this not only in Sufi terms, it’s also “amusing” to render it Kabbalistically- you yourself are the light descending from Kether. You seek it, you ARE it. Light descends to you, and you are light that ascends to it. With an equalist mindset you are not going to feel stirred to ascend. Heidegger believes this as well- it relies on “both sides of the light”, both need to be active. The above and the below are both in a sense conscious agents. Or at least ideally the one below is a conscious agent. With our political order that isn’t so easy. Ahriman does not want you to ascend toward the light because that opens up the danger of your ascension to a light higher than him. Yeah mannnnnn the Sufis are all about love and oneness and stuff mannnn! I mean, that isn’t wrong- the light above Ahriman IS love and you are one with it. Some of those “ignorant Christians” throughout history had their own system which was pretty simple actually. The Ein Soph of the Kabbalists was simply referred to as “God” and Jesus was the “angel” that helped you understand it. Those Christians knew there was a light above Yahweh. Now it’s “anti-semitic” to believe in something higher than Ahriman. Some still have this understanding in the East- they refer to the Ein Soph as Allah. To use jargon from EVERYWHERE here, I’ve refined my LOTR understanding of Muslims- they live in a “dwarven fortress”, I won’t deny it, however, given the high rate of mystics among them, I’m led to conclude that there are already elves dwelling there among the dwarves. The hobbits, i.e. the whites, have no such fortress that could shelter elves. The hobbits are absolutely enslaved by Sauron, i.e. Ahriman. In conclusion, I don’t think one can understand the geopolitics/Realpolitik of the west, the middle east, and the Shylocracy without seeing the mystical side of the Great Chain of Being.

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