I sense I’m only at the very beginning of being able to understand this

Corbin thought it was a tragedy of our culture that we could only perceive these essences as logical universals.

Maybe those Christians are right who say that the Ancient Greeks were pagans who missed out on Revelation? It could be that later scripture is necessary to understand the Forms.

The typical attitude here is to be like “Look at me, I don’t need to personify the Forms, look how smart I am” and Corbin puts that into doubt.

When I reflect back on mystical experiences I’ve had, there does seem to be something I’d characterize as an “Intelligence”. I didn’t interpret it that way at the time. I think the New Atheism movement poisoned many of us.

The reason to hate the church in my opinion is because it doesn’t tend to facilitate extra-ordinary states of consciousness. What’s happened in our civilization is we’ve lumped together both the church and extra-ordinary states of consciousness into one hated thing that we don’t take seriously.

Does the “Intelligence” eat breakfast, is it sentient? No, that doesn’t mean I don’t perceive it as a (if not thee) “Intelligence” though.

Thinking back to the Great Chain of Being, some might counter that it’s only perceived as humanoid at all because that’s a lesser angel in the chain. Could be, I’m open to the possibility. What I do know is that most experiences I’ve had have involved something at least vaguely humanoid.

This counter-intuitive idea again- I’m slowly beginning to grasp it

Making me feel like a good-for-nothing animal. Maybe that’s a sign that an angel is somewhat present.

Is it just me or when you conceptualize the Forms is it geometric? I imagine a block.

Maybe they really are more humanoid than that?

It’s weird how if you put your mind to it you can make them present. At least somewhat. If I was having a full-on mystical experience I wouldn’t be typing this. Try it though, I’m not sure if doing it vicariously through reading me will have the same effect.

It isn’t a “Form”, it’s YOU, it’s the perfect YOU.

And like it’s quoted above, you exist for it, it doesn’t exist for you.

And now you’re probably wondering how this ties in with banning usury and Mammon from your country. Oh wait, only I was probably wondering that.

I’m thinking about how when he was near the age of 60 Heidegger said he still doesn’t understand Plato, and that studying angels now is an unexpected way that’s helping me to understand him.

The neechen implications of this too

Suhrawardi’s visions, his presence to the Light (ishraq) enabled him to see that Zoroaster… belonged to the hierohistory of the people of the Book.

In a similar way that we might need Revelation to understand Plato, we might need Nietzsche to understand Suhrawardi.

sigh, All I’ve had to suffer for being interested in this kind of stuff. Why?

Probably something to do with angels being the opposite of animals. Everyone’s looking for an excuse to avoid “their best self”.

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