The Kabbalistic equivalent, via Idel

Both Hebraic and Islamic mysticism appropriate the Neoplatonic notion of a plurality of worlds.

In Scholem the worlds are in descending order as follows

The World of Divinity
The World of the Intellect
The World of the Souls
The Mundus Imaginalis
The World of the Senses

The Mundus Imaginalis is the intermediate stage between the ordinary world and the spiritual world. It’s the source of both demons and angels. Often in my writing I’m trying to place people into this realm sometimes called the Mundus Imaginalis, so you might have experience with one or both of those. A more “normal” way of talking about it is it’s possible to either have an epiphany or to be haunted. It’s also possible to be haunted by an epiphany. “Angels” affect one’s self-perception, and if that is affected negatively it can appear as a demon. This is why they try to keep people away from the Mundus Imaginalis, because angels so often might as well be demonic. They put too much of a demand on the creature of the world of the senses. If too much of a demand is put on them that’s another way of saying it does not give them a positive effect, thus it’s preferred to keep people away from the Mundus Imaginalis. What happens if they sneak their consciousness into their somehow is often that the angels the perceive as demons haunt them until they turn into a demon themselves in revenge against those perceived demons. Thus it can be counter-productive for them to leave the world of the senses at all. This is one of many reasons Kabbalah was withheld from men younger than 40. My reader, could that describe you? Do you perceive that question to be asked to you by a demon? I think one should be demonic toward those predisposed to turn into demons. They need to be scared away. Let me be candid- the slavery that took place in the Pale is not something a demon would bring up. Rather, demons would enslave others in the Pale, and demons would try to cover it up. Just so we’re on the same page here.

Do you remember my post from earlier involving Ahriman, the light above him, and the light within oneself? Hobbits, Sauron, etc.? That “discourse” is not ordinary discourse, that takes place in the Mundus Imaginalis. One can ascend to the worlds above that through that realm. Some will encounter demons there, others will not. In my pessimism about the west, I expect many to encounter demons there.

It’s just Harry Potter, okay? It’s just Gringotts. If you hear about those goblins that work at Gringotts and suddenly feel in the presence of a demon, you might have to do some soul-searching. Because we’re only talking about Harry Potter here, and the true meaning of “the force”, or wait, that’s another fantasy series. Are you trying to tell me that the minions of Ahriman are Jedis? Many people do hold that conviction. Do you think there is not a spiritual sickness caused by our media and educational institutions? Would Jedis bring that about? Or would Jedis go after those Gringotts goblins with their light sabers? This is the Sufis we’re talking about here! Hobbits don’t like to hear about the Sufis. It’s too much of a burden, too much of a responsibility put on them, thus the Sufis might as well be demons. That is, they’re not Dumbledores. The president of Iran is Darth Vader, right? And Jews are your loyal friend Sam. No, of course not, that’s too modest- they are the elves. Definitely not half-orcs that have brainwashed you into believing they’re elves. Only Malfoy would claim they’d do that. Your friend who soothes you that you aren’t Ahriman’s slave is like Yoda helping you bring the ring to Mordor.

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