They’ll continue being pathetic with or without me so it doesn’t really matter if I go away. Truly nothing here for me besides revenge from Jewish slaves and mocking them gets boring anyway. I’ve learned a lot about humanity in the last five years or so. I feel truly “enlightened” about them. And what their true nature is isn’t pretty. So I guess to me that old debate about human nature is settled. Humans are naturally bad. Maybe in the next five years I’ll be proved wrong somehow. Pushing the boundaries of thought to the utmost throughout this “stint” that is what I’ve discovered. The thought of accepting that’s how they are and being happy sounds impossible to me. They must live in deception in order to have any happiness at all. And in fact that’s part of what makes their nature bad, their self-deception about themselves. Like I said, the peak of enlightenment is realizing there’s no point in talking to them, because they’re going to be pathetic forever. All of their passionate political stances are cosmetic and irrelevant. All humanity does is chatter about nothing year after year. They fritter away their time with fellow mediocrities who they call their friends, and what they call love is instrumental and firmly rooted in the need to live in a society of liars. All their interests are cheap–otherwise you’d see something profound now and again, and lo and behold you never do. Their activities are meaningless, their relations with others are meaningless. Then they sleep for the other 1/3rd of their life. I can say it to virtually anyone- you sure have proved to me that you’re an empty person. I keep thinking of Elista though, he’s an exception. I really do hope that some of those Jewish plutocrats are living meaningfully. Even if I disagree with their plans, at least someone isn’t living an empty life. The mystically-inclined ones see themselves as bringing forth the Moshiach, and that’s ambition I can appreciate. You don’t see that among their minions at all. Their lives are characterized by the attempt to survive in a world of status. For most people that’s enough, they will feel fulfilled with that. From the outside looking in it looks pretty hollow. I bet if you stopped for one second and questioned yourself you wouldn’t be able to determine right off what you believe for reasons of status and what you believe because you personally believe it. Like I said, they’ll continue being pathetic with or without me. All their interests are cheap or have a non-cheap-seeming surface and they will never offer anything profound. They’ll just “group hug” with fellow pathetic people and forget about that fact.

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