I’ve twisted myself into a postpostmodern pretzel to be able to realize this is what needs to be done, and the acrobatics of actually getting there might be even more difficult to pull off. An angel’s going to fly me there, right?

There are multiple things to consider- sanctions for one. This is unironically such a great sign though


I’m not practically-minded at all, I am logical though, and I might have deduced I’ll have to get involved in the oil business at first, since that’s relatively burgeoning as can be expected. I’m pretty sure I’m blacklisted from US universities so that connection is a no-go. If only I had a “Magi” reader to help me figure it all out. Nope, can’t be that lucky in Ahriman’s world. I really hope my destiny isn’t to go down with the ship here, that’s all I know.

How it looks FROM the mountain

I do expect this

In case you were wondering, my self-understanding is that all of this revolves around Judaism. I don’t want to live in a Jewish country anymore. Further I don’t even want to live in a country that’s neutral to Jews. I want to live in an anti-Jewish country. The Talmud-bots fail to make contact with reality, they’re a people formed by a botched scripture. Anyone directly opposed to them is a friend of mine. Thus there aren’t many friends in existence.

If I figure out how to get a cognitive occupation there I honestly don’t think it will be as difficult to adjust as people probably think. If I praise Allah for instance it will equate in my mind to praising “the fortress”, and that won’t require any dishonesty. If I’m silent about all things Khamenei then I’m silent about the one running the fortress.

I was fascinated by this page last night, the first time I’ve seen a simple and non-polemical introduction to the Quran. You never see people here talking about it in a non-hostile way. It seems clear to me that it–and the Imamological refinement–are a form of progress from Judeochristianity. I’m trying to integrate the entire tradition. That is, even starting from Sumer and Zoroaster, and all the way to Zarathustra and Laruelle. You might be pretty familiar with who I am at this point- do you really think it’s beyond my capacities to synthesize someone like Laruelle with the Imams? That sounds like fun. I see Laruelle as a certain kind of “hyper-Zarathustra” by the way, and even he is someone who can be gone beyond.

Wow, I might feel the most patriotic I’ve ever felt in my life if I can live in a “fortress” and have a normal life and at the same time detail the evils of Ahriman.

I love how anti-western Sinophiles here are hostile to all this. Yeah you’re a Jew inside. Chairman Xi love Kawl Mawkz. This too is about the question of the Great Chain of Being and the leveling tendency. Talmudism is ultimately a belief about the Great Chain of Being. I don’t buy it that the Jews are at the top. Hence the revisions since the Torah. Christianity was a solid revision for many centuries, and in the end it wasn’t enough. In case you were wondering, yes, that end has been reached, it’s past the end, it’s over. The servants of merchants have no dignity whatsoever! Subhuman trash with flashy technology.

Here’s an anecdote from a seasoned tour-guide to dispel some of the (((mythology)))

There are pockets in Tehran if you get the urge to eat an American-style cheeseburger (the only thing this place is good for)

Women don’t have to wear those “wraith” costumes where the face is covered. Hair is a sexual object for women anyway, might as well be an extension of their pussy on display. What, you know I’m right. Oh no, university professors dress like nuns, sounds evil!

This is the main obstacle that creates thought-blockages probably. No, I’m not going to pretend there’s an exact proportion to males in the female population that is capable of ascending to the highest grades of the Golden Dawn, and I love you anyway. It’s really not that difficult to accept.

Propaganda since before many of us were born

And they seem to be the “Magi” of the middle east–if not the world, considering their resistance to the Shylocracy and questionable aspects of Russia and China.

All this COVID stuff has acted as a psyop to only increase their total control here, and it’s worked. I emphasize for the tenth time that people are more animal-like than they were two years ago. I gave you advice to find shelter, early on, and you missed the boat. MoOOOOOoooooo!! Brainless cows. The leveling tendency inaugurated by Cromwell is reaching its nadir in America and I don’t want to be here for it.

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