The weight of Cromwell. The weight of Lincoln. You have to carry these IMAMS around with you when you live in this civilization. It probably would be too good to be true to not have to carry any weight in Persia. I don’t know what their burden is, I just expect that they have one. “That’s just the west, we don’t have that over here!” as they wave at me from their oasis. Yeah right. Insofar as I’m even speaking in English I have to carry it with me. I don’t care about the imams of the west, they’re meaningless to me! Watch, there’s going to be an intermediate time where I’m free of the west’s burdens, then after some years I begin to take on Persia’s. As the burden of the orient builds up I’ll try to remind myself “Just remember the progs just remember the progs”. From my standpoint now I’m prepared to take on most any burden to get away from their demands of me. People here really are attached to their history, and I’m not sure if it will be the same in Persia. No ill-spirited Jews over there at least. I honestly don’t think things would be so bad over here if all of them happened to “disappear”. Whites alone have their problems, and Jews just push them beyond tolerable levels.

You just don’t know what to expect there. Beyond mysticism, the place is a Mystery in the mundane sense as well. Like what exact lines would I have to cross to incite them to kill me? There’s a “vigilante” phenomenon there apparently where regular citizens carry out justice on their own and beat people with canes. What would I have to do, because admittedly I’m an intrinsically subversive person. Just different levels to this, like if I was playing some innocent Farsi scrabble with a friendly girl, and her deranged father all of a sudden chops my head off? These are the kinds of things I wonder about. How many years would I lose at scrabble? That’s another thing. Eloquence in the language seems like step one really. I’m sorry if you don’t hate this place as much as I do to have these thoughts, you’re blind if you don’t. This seems like an escape-ladder. And most importantly, it seems like an escape-ladder UP. Even if you just ascend to earth at least you’re not living in this purgatory over here. I’m not going to be accepting sadistic merchants and jungle savages as good people anytime soon here. If you don’t submit to those orders you’re going to have some problems. This place is far from God. Don’t be confused, it’s not an example of partaking of “God’s goodness” to accept these kinds of people, the reality is that it’s an immanent hell we’re in. There needs to be justice for these people. And justice isn’t turning into them. Persia seems to have a keen awareness of at least some version of the justice I have in mind. Yes, many seem to have a “dwarven” quality- nevertheless, they also seem like the survival of the Catholic church in a way. For that reason I don’t expect pure NW Euros to understand. You’ve been at that leveling game for a while now. Maybe the motivations for that weren’t all bad in the beginning. Fact is it’s taken a downward turn. I’m not going to rest nice and quiet and not say anything about it. The leveling tendency has led you to synthesize all of the worst features of humanity. That’s not going to work out for more than a couple generations. Whatever excuses you want to make I don’t care. My focus is me and mine, and that means a very particular “caste” which I’ve detailed. I am alerting them to this option. Don’t like the sound of it? What is your alternative? I doubt you have one, I doubt you’ve thought about this as thoroughly as I have. You have no clue what to do. Are you aware it makes you numb to play their game at all? Being right-wing just enough so you never get banned? That takes a toll, it has an opiate-like effect, like many of their ways of keeping people under control. I’m far from settling for that. As I said in a previous post- having some good laughs in public about the west is just normal over there. That sounds healthy. Being part of the coward-right here does not sound healthy. So tell me, do you want to stop making excuses yet? I’m willing to bet you’re just going to keep making them, because ultimately you don’t really care about anything. I’ve inferred it’s some form of “Providence” people latch onto. Just doing the best you can do with what you’ve got here. I think more extreme options are available, we just need a solid base in the Orient. Do I know how to do that? No, this is the infancy of escaping this place. No one else has formulated it for us. Oh, Socialist China? Fuck you. Or think of Dugin underplaying how enslaved he is in Russia. You elders are so much help, thank you. I say we all find a way to congregate in Persia and create a superweapon on the plane of ideas. Again, I just feel alone with this. This DOES seem like an ideal option though. If not realistic it is ideal. The days of flattering merchants, whores, and savages are over. Or at least they could be. From what I’ve observed the Persians would appreciate you criticizing the western rabble, that’s another one of the main problems here too. People just want me to shut up or die so they can go back to snoozing in this failed civilization. Eh for now I’m reading the available volume of Corbin’s chief text on the connection between the Sufis and the Grail mythos.

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