Seeing it phrased this way

the Occidental Exile in Quest of the Orient of Light

I humbly suggest to you that it isn’t Buddhists or Hindus who can show us that, as it is taught to us.

When you think of the Orient you probably think of Chinese takeout. Yes, this is the realm of the senses. Even beyond that, I’ve studied pre-communist China more than any other place in the East and it’s my judgment that it’s one of the most harmless strains of thought in the Orient. Old Hinduism, and especially modern-day Persia are much more of a threat to the powers-that-be in the west. Though if I had to choose liberalism or Confucianism it would be a simple selection. Why didn’t “enlightenment ideas” take off in India or Iran the way they did in China, that’s a question to ask yourself.

Anyway, if you want to use my own personal case as evidence in an anthropology of the west, I have been progressively deteriorating the last few years, there’s no incentive to speak of the things I do. There’s nothing good, only bad, if you speak of these things. This is part of how they keep the minds controlled in the academy, because they can sense that’s what happens if you venture beyond what’s “allowed”. Given that my readers aren’t as idiotic as the ordinary person one could switch out the word “allowed” for “legal”. Not only are we dealing with a “religion” fused with banking, it is also fused with law. If you break the “LAW” you are against their “GOD”. This is why academics do not think down these alleyways. “Yahweh” is in fact a banker, that is their version of ontology. Break the law of their god and they will treat you just the way they treat Iran. Huh, ever wondered why I sympathize with these weird desert folk? They can’t help living in Ahrimanworld either. Don’t expect to have any real friends in this place. The interpretation of Plato that the Good and the True are One is off. In the demiurgic world the true is not good. No academic will ever say this in this context. The True is Good, and the ones opposed to that are sophists. That’s the real world we’re living in. Next time you have the thought to question them remember you will be scapegoated without anyone ever saying your name directly. This is a symptom of their inability to perceive the True. In the earthly realm there is only a pseudo-dialectic between falsity and falsity. They have to use bots they pretend are humans to maintain this illusion. No, the Great Chain of Being is real, and there are different castes of niggers that don’t understand reality. Are you one of them? The chances are…

Are you starting to understand yet? The inversion of equalism is not something anyone wants to accept. The true essence of rangordnung in other words. They have to hide it and create distractions. Yeah you’re… an orc. “Cheesed to meet you” as they say. Most of my project online has been to talk to this kind of person anyway. “We have gold chains around our necks and rubies.” That is known as the “Jew Orc”. And that’s a redundancy, we simply call them Jewish. What do you believe in in life, tell me. Hating people who aren’t as slimy as you? “Yeah we call dat da goyim”. And you’ve pretty much bought them so they might as well be slimy as you. “Das rite, nigga.” Chosen People you are not. Chosen to follow a premature revelation on earth. I think the same of the Christians at this rate. If you’re the slave of these niggers it goes without saying you’re a nigger yourself. At least the Persians, as brutish as they are in certain ways, have managed to put up a fight against these apes with fool’s gold chains around their necks. This is also a question of alchemy. Zoroaster, alchemy, and the Imams seem to be connected. You’re too much of a happy Jewish servant to care about any of that I’m sure. We love the pinnacle of the pyramid looking like Harvey Weinstein don’t we folks. “CHO-ZIN!”

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