How are you doing in the world of filtered light? Dancing in the shade are you? You wouldn’t dance if there were too much light. Some of us can’t dance if there’s any shade at all.

So, I see this on the Heebnet


Lots of writings on “Saturn” I see that are only published in Hebrew.

Idel, who tends to be more of a universalist has one in English on the subject

Exploring how the tragic misperception of the Jewish Sabbath by the non-Jewish world led to a linkage of Jews with sorcery in 14th and 15th-century Europe, associating their holy day with the witches’ ‘Sabbat’ gathering

Misperception? I’m skeptical.

Here’s a dissertation written under Scholem that’s part of the “secret theory” library – תורת הרע והקליפה בקבלת האר”י (The Theory of Evil and the Shell in the Acceptance of the Aryans).

He won something known as the “Rothschild Prize”

Although he was a student of Gershom Scholem, Scholem opposed Tishbi and prevented him from teaching Kabbalah in the Department of Jewish Thought. Yosef Dan claims that the rift between Tishbi and Scholem began after Tishbi published the book Year of the Zohar, which was a popular edition of excerpts from the Zohar, while Scholem believed that the Israeli public could not cope with the reading of the Zohar and should not be popularized.

They also had a disagreement over whether ציצת נובל צבי השלם should be published. A book by someone living in the 1600s, wut. Tishbi did publish it. This one also pertains to the Sabbath.

While I’m not sure how accurate the translation is, one of these is in English

Out-of-print on amazon. A fragmentary description I find

Ooh so Bjerknes might have been on to something here then.

Apparently Tishby was Scholem’s first doctoral student.

You almost exclusively see this only from goyim occultists

Even if that Tishby book WAS available on amazon I would not trust the English translation, just my intuition.

What could this be about?

Isaiah Tishby, for instance, refers to the tradition found in the Book of Zohar, according to which “one of the consequences of Israel’s sin with the Golden Calf was that ‘the Other Side’ was assigned a share in the sacrificial ritual.” Tishby, The Wisdom of the Zohar, 891.

The named book (1650 pages) is actually on z-library

at the moment of sacrifice all the sins are heaped upon the victims

He says it’s a goat that’s offered as a bribe to Samael which purifies Israel of its sins.

Bjerknes talks about this too. This is from the Tishby book again

[Samael] declares Israel’s sins to be really virtues. The Holy One, blessed be He, loves Israel so much that he accepts this false evidence and forgives their sins.

Scholem’s first student? Why have I never heard of him before?

It looks like there are at least 100 pages on the qliphoth in this.

I can see this happening secularly too

Sacrifices in particular, according to the Zohar, are an instance where we quite literally ‘give the devil his due.’ That is, a portion of every sacrifice is set aside for Sitra Ahra

Sitra Ahra = another word for the qliphoth.



At least it was only the religious ones who worshiped Satan for centuries, right?

They put this in a manga, wut

Remember the plurality of worlds of the Sufis? The various upper worlds? I haven’t seen a qliphothic equivalent from them.

So Shahak wasn’t exaggerating about this

‘the Other Side’ has to be appeased and kept at bay through correct devotion during the statutory evening prayer, uttered at night-time

-cue wicked witch laughter-

I want to find that Tishby dissertation! Scholem’s first student… Who he ended up having conflicts with about what is allowed to be published?? This is just too good. Thank you Heebnet.

653 instances of “other side” when you ctrl+f that Tishby book that IS on z-library I linked to.

“Don’t judge us, goy!” Yeah I’m sure it’s not in your blood at this point, being devil-worshipers. Get out of the US! It’s so much to ask isn’t it.

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