This is another interesting book on the “other side” you might want to scroll the table of contents of.

There’s some pretty cool art out there

I’m just looking at that Idel book on Saturn for now. He cites this untranslated one

Never heard of any of these people

The manner in which Kabbalah has been described in the studies of Isaiah Tishby, Efraim Gottlieb, Rivka Schatz Uffenheimer, Rachel Elior and Joseph Dan, to mention only some of the pertinent names, reflects this neglect of the ‘occult’ facets of Kabbalistic literature

They appear to all be Israelis, most of whose books are not in English.

I’m just going to stick with the “Surface Yid” for now, Idel

some authors identified Saturn as the planetary genius of the Jews, notwithstanding the more sinister attributes of this planet, especially sorcery.

I wonder if they look at the ring debris as goyim-shells

Remember, it’s a bunch of material on Saturn that hasn’t been translated from Scholem’s corpus.

So- Sabbat = witch ritual, Sabbath = 7th day of the jew week, Saturnine = someone impacted by Saturn, and Saturnian = qualities of the planet and its divinity.

Idel has some weird books, remember that Golem one? Shahak said they practiced sorcery for centuries. Those other Kabbalists mentioned above underplay the occult? Following in their master Scholem’s footsteps with that perhaps. Whereas Idel explicitly talks about how he doesn’t like to be a conformist.

Sabbath day, SATURday. As opposed to SUNday. You can probably intuit how that alone would cause superstitious goyim to get paranoid. I want to see if there’s something more than that.

This is an interesting statement

As was the case in most forms of Jewish philosophy, astrology was the result of an acculturation of a section of the Jewish elite to some of the trends dominant in Arabic thought and literature

A woman would probably understand this better than me, I don’t know much about astrology. It’s often a theme in occultism though.

I’m suspicious of Idel- I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote this book to conceal more than to illuminate certain things.

This is the title of one of Scholem’s books on “secret theory” – חלומותיו של השבתאי ר’ מרדכי אשכנזי. On the Heebnet this is one of the descriptions

sees the Saturnian movement as a “movement of the awakening of hidden forces in the soul of the nation”

Idel says they used astrology as a way to perceive their theology in new ways. Just a random image I found to give you an idea

Why are these academic titans of Kabbalah talking about Saturn? I’m not sure. It must be significant in some way. Now that I think about it, I’ve seen conspiracy theorist types talk about “Saturn and the illuminati” so it’s strange to see these Kabbalists taking it seriously. The former sometimes interprets the planet as an evil version of the Sun. So this might be an astrological form of the qliphoth. I for one speculate that living among goyim for so many centuries and being perceived as people who hadn’t found God led to them internalizing the idea that they’re evil and finding identity in it. Just a random psychological perception I have. “You worship on the day of the SUN, the day of LIGHT, you’re so GOOD aren’t you, I’ll show YOU!”

Idel synchronously says something to a similar effect

a conception of Judaism as related to the most nefarious planet… dramatically shifted the way some of the Jewish elite perceived themselves by adopting a series of new categories understood as relevant to their self-definition.

I sense that eavesdropping Yids that visit here internalize my conceptions of them, just making them more “jewy” in the bad way. “He’s right, the plutocrat Jews are trying to make them brown and stupid so they’re more cattle-like, let’s up the ante!”

Let’s forget this “Saturnine Yid” Idel and see what Bjerknes has to say

For him, Saturn is a force of chaos that they use against the goys. Don’t expect Idel to talk directly about that sort of thing.

WOW, this is very relatable!!!

You witches! You’re proud of what you are too… Evil and rotten. Bring back witch-burnings for the love of God.

Anyway, gives you a new understanding of SHABBOS GOYS, Sabbath goys.

Heh I don’t know why I even bother reading anyone besides Bjerknes. He knows it all. He reveals all their secrets. He’s probably wiser than Elista.

No, Idel will never say something like this

Bjerknes also connects Saturn as the force of chaos with Ein Soph- this is what they harness against us, now in secular ways.

Let’s not get too tinfoily here–okay actually why not

There is an ancient Saturn cult in power today…This Pre-Flood cult harnesses the power of planets

You can ctrl+f around on the Elista forum here if you want to see some Kabbalistic connections with the planets.

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