Why do I sense that I have certain people that visit here that aspire to have this title?

Can’t you just be normal?

Besides, virtually all women don’t know how to do that right. I’ve given you plenty of keys and you just can’t do it, okay? I’m not trying to taunt you, I really think you just can’t do it. You could be a Destroyer of Worlds if you wanted to.

You don’t want to go down that road anyway. You’d be the hottest thing ever in my opinion if you did, still- better to not do that.

This is what “real feminism” looks like. I don’t even have to wink at you for you to know what I’m talking about either. See, you know how to do it, you just can’t bring yourself to.

You prefer to get your fix being a mere lesser demon of hell. That’s nothing. That’s not true self-deification! There, I said what is in question here.

And I can detect Christian souls recoiling at this notion. You know that the Moloch-people do that? How do you expect to counter them if you don’t do it yourself? I’m not going to just stand still, be “humble”, and let them take over. That’s the real meaning of gnosticism, that there are certain people who deify themselves. It’s an egregore that’s above them yes- they are also walking deities, closer to demons. What do you plan to do with these beings? I’m not just going to let them get away with it.

Thankfully we’re just in a fantasy world, an imaginal world with this, right? None of this is real. Phew. It’s your choice to be owned by demonoid humans who have decided to take “God’s Plan” into their own hands. I don’t play that. The only way to beat them is to play their game.

The goyim are already done for since none of them were willing to do that. The women are polluted and the men are castrated. This is 2021 and it’s no different from a primordial time. You’re an enslaved population that must live in misery and deal with it. You’re controlled by a foreign entity that has been hostile to you for many centuries- it now has absolute freedom to do what it wants with you. Your women are whores, and your men have their balls chopped off, that’s how it is. Hopefully you’re not one of those two or else you’re probably making excuses right about now. Nope, sorry, you’re a Jews’ nigger and you don’t have a destiny of your own- that is decided for you whether you like where it leads or not.

Anyway, I invoke technologies of witchcraft from time to time because I think it’s possible to defy these demonoid people if you actually wanted to. If you’ve been reduced to a prostitute I’d want to get revenge on them. What are you doing? That sounds like justice to me. There are ways to cause hell to them if you have the discipline for it. First you have to be able to admit they ruined your life. They’re churning out hookers, there’s no white-picket-fence in your future. Might as well get your sweet revenge on them somehow. While I believe that the Wicca movement is for rabble, there are other avenues which will show you how to be a real evil person. And that’s what demons deserve. They deserve the worst evil upon them.

Just a casual chat we’re having. Like I said, there’s virtually no one capable of what I have in mind. 100% of the time they channel the latent evil toward the Jews’ own enemies. That’s part of the meaning of being a whore. All you are is their instrument, and you don’t get any reward like a happy life out of it. Many probably have to see it. What I talk about is the real potential of feminism, the real meaning of “girlboss”. With the usual meaning you’re just a Kabbalists’ intern. No woman alive today is capable of being a witch in the real meaning of that term. Just busted miserable whores of Jews that take it out on the Jews’ enemies! That’s only attractive to people who are braindead and castrated, and thank your lucky stars, there are plenty of those to choose from. Real cute, did you get your witch costume at Walmart or something?

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