Whatever you want to say against occultism–and there’s plenty–you’re simply not going to find a statement like this in orthodox kabbalist literature

The throne of Hecate can be found beyond Kether

Hecate is the witch goddess. Start with Grant for that, I would suggest.

Everyone knows you’re a racist Nazi. Let’s just start from there, shall we?

If you’re a normal person you have good self-esteem. I hope you have that? If you love who you are then you’re indirectly being a racist person.

As much as I find middle eastern women attractive for instance, I can’t help seeing European women as “me” in a way. Whatever cheesy way you want to think of it, they’re the other side, the other half, of me. Not all obviously, it’s just that the kind that does line up with what is “true beauty” is always European.

Now imagine there was a greedy, cheap, cheating, conniving sort of people that formed a “demiurge” and they hated you and taught everyone else to hate you too.

In an ethnostate, European women would be recognized as what they are. That does not happen here. They are forced into jewish and third-world categories. And ISRAEL would be third-world without help from Europeans.

So I just look at “the other side of me” and the potential seems to be there, and it is squandered for political reasons (just say it- because of the ~Holocaust~).

No, Jewesses shit into their own mouths, they’re garbage. Look at them, they look like rodents. They’re not European women. And let’s not risk making you wince by telling you to look at third world women. Are those… humans? They act the way they look, they have faces that resemble monkeys.

I for one like Europe and the beautiful women it produced.

One of the only reasons I write is because I’m inspired by their beauty.

Not to be a simp, I’m just serious when I say that their intelligence is attractive to me. They can’t be beautiful without that, it’s part of what beauty is.

You want to see the more “chauvinistic” level of it though? I see European women as the dim form of ME. Be upset about that or not, that’s how I see it. You’re only beautiful because of us. When little missy here doesn’t follow her orders she will only get uglier. So remind me about how Israel would be a third world country without Europeans? They ever mention that in the news or are they too humiliated? Follow Jews and you will be more and more like the third world.

Whatever, all I seek with talking to you is to try to have a “real moment”. And whether you’re too brainwashed to understand or not, I did have one of those.

Moneyniggers with no real legitimacy tearing apart people who are supposed to be together, is how I see it.

“Let’s bribe and brainwash them into being subhuman jews like us!” Yeah you might have noticed, you have no idea what the real “kabbalah” is, jew.

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