A Kraut published a book on this in 1788

discussion of the distinctions between the women of various nations

I’m expecting to find some realism in this.

the historical waxing and waning of women’s fortunes in various lands

Remember Shahak wrote one on his own people near the end of his life and it was “confiscated”.

There must be some gems in this

Meiners’ chapters on Spanish women are replete with generalisations about Southern European women.

All women are the same everywhere, right? Thus there’s no ideal! So glad laugh is easy like that.

I don’t know about you, I love finding these old unknown anthropologists.

You don’t feel the pull of the blank slate when I talk about these things, do you? Almost like you’re about to careen downward on a rollercoaster without a seat belt? Could be fun, could fly out, never know.

Don’t you just want to know more?

Meiners frequently describes contemporary Portugal as being the most obstinately ‘‘Oriental’’ nation of Southern Europe

It’s funny you can probably intuit most of what this is about without needing to read about it. Despite the brainwash we all have our intuitions.

which in the north of Europe would offend and disgust

I’m trying to tease you, if you didn’t notice.

Ha isn’t this a bunch of nonsense

Yet we should consider Said’s claim that ‘‘Orientalism” tells us more about the Western culture which generates it than about the Oriental object it purports to study

This is the standard, ingrained belief. Everyperson in the west today is a Saidean.

It sure isn’t possible for a nation to gradually turn into something like this, right?

We’re not even going outside of Europe with this yet. Imagine what it’s like elsewhere.

Try not to be irrational for a second. What are the pragmatic consequences of the blank slate belief? I’m not even going to say it. America is a failed experiment, simple as that.

Definitely don’t get this impression here

make no use of the noblest faculties of the understanding, and the best qualities of the heart

Might as well be talking gibberish when you speak to Americans in the way above.

If this piques your interest, here he discusses the life of women among Siberians, Native Americans, Africans, Asians, Slavs, Celts, Greeks, and Romans, and that’s just the first volume. The second and third volumes are on French women up to the 1770s. Sharing a border with the Spaniards I expected them to be more similar- nope. And I haven’t even dug into the cultures outside of Europe yet.

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