Bjerknes is so poetic

The sanguine sea will wash away the empty shells and deposit them into the dark waters of chaos from whence they fell on the first and brightest day. But all of this is but a bad dream from which we must arise

This is from the description of his latest book from July.

He has a bunch of audio too if that’s more your cup of tea. He’s the Kabbalah master, that I’m aware of.

There are three androgynous trinities within the sephirotic tree of life, which signify the three two thousand year ages of the six days of creation, and which start at the top with the androgynous crown, Adam Kadmon, Kether, the male Chokma and female Binah.

You can read the descending path of the sephiroth eschatologically.

Geburah and Chesed represent the third and fourth days of creation. Remember they’re playing God, so we’re talking about thousand-year spans for each day. Hod and Netzach represent the fifth and sixth days of creation. Finally, Malkuth represents the messianic age when Yahweh and Shekinah are reunited.

This explains a lot about the top-down orders- I’m not sure if they’re fully conscious of it or if they’re simply “Jew bots” at this point

hyperactive bringing much misery to humanity in order to hasten the arrival of the Messiah

Bjerknes thinks this hyperactivity started in 1840.

This is what “immanentizing the eschaton” means according to their religious texts

the Jews will have become androgynous beings again having been restored with their twin-souls male and female in one. Malkhuth lies alone on the sephirotic tree without a male or female accompaniment, because Yahweh and Shekinah will then be one.

All the suffering he calls the birthpangs leading up to the Kingdom of Malkuth. You might recall my concept of “rebalancing the courages” between men and women, and all the problems with that, i.e. cowards and shrews. This is all leading up to, or rather downward from Keter TO Malkuth. This is the process we’re undergoing before the Jewish version of the end of history, the day of rest, the thousand year messianic age. So in a sense you can also see Malkuth as SATURday.

You know that, according their religious texts you don’t have a place in that Kingdom? Goyim are shells cast back into the chaos from whence they emerged.

We goyim have our own version of the following in some cases

involves Messianic redemption of the exiled ‘Sparks of Holiness’ (Birur) from Tohu that are scattered within Physical existence… Each indwelling spark is relatively female in relation to the person who redeems it from captivity.

All the sparks taken together are Shekinah. Like I’ve said before, you are not one of those sparks if you are a goyim- these are fallen Yids that await redemption. We can redeem our own sparks from captivity, that’s what I try to do at least. Captives of the Kabbalah-bloods!

They’re pretty much right about the goyim though, that they’re niggers. What are the chances that, yesterday after I detailed how they put all the sins of the Jews onto a goyim scapegoat, you still perceived me as a goat to put all their sins onto? There’s your sign that you’re a nigger slave of Jews.

Anyway, do you want to explore the different “floors” of Hell? Does that sound fun to you? I might do that later. Remember this?

If you are a goy this is how you should perceive the sephiroth. This is their plan. Looking at it in a positive way is to perceive it through their eyes, NOT yours. The “Kingdom of Malkuth” is the very center of Hell, the lowest depth. Keep being a shrew, you’re just a pawn in their plan, and it’s a plan you’re not even part of ultimately.

Might help you understand this

Wouldn’t it be sweet if we were living around the end of those 6000 years? Just lucky us if that’s the case, right?

This doesn’t seem too far off

Show me a Christian who isn’t a Jews’ servant in one way or another. I’ve never encountered more than a few. Can’t say the same for Islamists. Maybe Bjerknes is onto something above though and we should relearn some of the old pagan ways, that might be more suitable for us. I think we can learn from both. Something needs to change with our current belief-system, that’s all that’s certain.

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