People should have to talk about occultism in this guarded way too

In a death of God culture like ours the above tradition is probably necessary in many cases to help one understand others like Kabbalah and Sufism. Skeptics of ~religion~ in general simply have no frame of reference to understand the words they’re reading. I know this is a controversial subject, I just think extra-ordinary experience alongside disciplined study doesn’t HURT things at all.

Do you know how many people probably roll their eyes when they hear me talking about the continuum of “upper-worlds”? They wouldn’t be rolling their eyes if they had any vague idea at all about what the term “upper-worlds” means, and that’s what certain plants can offer them. I haven’t used them in years so it just goes to show you don’t have to keep taking them to know what it’s about.

When I talk about Kabbalah and Sufism I’m usually not talking about this reality we’re in right now. That’s step one of what needs to be realized. It’s not this reality, this experience you’re experiencing right now is not what I’m talking about. To even be telling you this I am not altogether in normal reality, I’m simultaneously in both worlds.

And I did that kind of thing when I was young, and now it’s kind of just a normal perception to me, for better or worse.

I guarantee you if you do that you will think a lot differently about the things I say regarding Kabbalah, Sufism, philosophy in general really (philosophy is its own mystical tradition). I’m just trying to help you out. Many will disagree with me. I would say it is necessary for initiates. “The Sufis don’t use that.” Yeah they’re missing out then. It’s not one or the other, you should bring all that’s best from each into your own unique synthesis. And I’m saying shamanism is one that’s probably necessary for most people.

It has the potential to dispel one of nihilism more than 99% of things.

Again, it’s just so normal to me at this point that I forget there might be people who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about when I bring up mystical concepts.

If you take certain plants I won’t guarantee you will see an angel, so to speak. I WILL guarantee however that you will at least get a slight sense of the meaning of that expression. To put it bluntly, it’s not something you should be doing with your jackoff friends. An angel would probably show you that you should stay from those kinds of people, who knows though.

I’ll put it this way- at this point I understand on a rational level what “tripping” is. That requires lots of study. Some of those plants are not toys for fun. They give you a glimpse of what you can later try to intellectually grasp once back in your normal state of consciousness.

You’re just going to have to trust me with this- I highly doubt you have a cognitive reference for my talk of cyclical history unless you’ve both experienced “that other world” yourself and put lots of time into studying and contemplating the meaning of it.

Most people will leave this part out of it. No, I’m willing to say directly that certain plants are a NECESSARY part of initiation. Again, does a minority of people understand various concepts without them? Definitely. And again, I believe they’re missing out. You’re just deciding to neglect a fundamental feature of indigenous North and South American religion if you refrain from this. They had something very right. When I switch from Abrahamic mysticism to shamanism it’s not a bumpy shift at all, they both talk about many of the same things. The difference is that ONE of them will FORCE you outside of your normal egoic state. You can read Meister Eckhart for years and never reach the levels of understanding that shamanism gives you in a few hours’ time.

I feel that way I did recently when talking about Shi’ism- it’s impossible to phrase it in a way that will legitimize it. That’s how you know you’re dealing with an authentic form of esotericism. People are hostile to it because they know it’s real, that’s why.

I’ll tell what’s lacking, what’s lacking is someone who’s brought all these disparate traditions together. You have to make yourself vulnerable to talk about most of them. Worldly types don’t understand and they think you’re a fool. No, I’m naturally living with half of myself in the upper-realm at any given time of the day. Whereas most people never spend a second there all their life. When I call people subhumans I’m implying that they don’t know what that realm IS. And here I’m showing you the option where you can learn that for yourself. All the things I’ve said about Plato, Heidegger, etc. will start to make lots more sense. They’re not talking about “this place”, “this reality”, they’re trying to get you out of that. This isn’t the real reality. Those two were living in the upper-realm. You do not want to live and die in the lower-realm, you can trust me or not. I’m telling you there is a way to get smacked in the face to remember what it is. And there IS something violent about it, as beautiful as it is. Every angel is terrifying said Rilke.

In the same that I believe sufis are missing out on Shamanism, I believe shamans are missing out on Sufism. Not many people in history have put these various traditions together. So that’s exciting, I think. You might think we could be able to get a more refined understanding of God than ever before. That’s the Ultimate goal in my opinion.

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