I know you hate me when I talk about it, it just seems accurate to me to see it that way. My viewpoint is from the Ein Soph and it can only be diffused in diminished form. This should teach you something about the lower sephiroth. The very opposite of the Ein Soph is what they tend to stand for. When they filter it they in fact invert it.

Christians used to just call the Ein Soph “God”, we just go back to that. The problem is that we live in a Satanic world where Jews have made it easier for you to understand their idea of God better than your own. In truth, “Ein Soph” is the money-changer that Jesus whipped out of the temple.

One of the paradoxes with these things is that if you tell them exactly how dim the light they are in is, they will move dimmer and dimmer.

If you’re still trying after all this then I’d have to say you’re gorgeous if you’re a female, and noble if you’re a male.

The jew religion is only believed by retarded goyim anyway. There’s no merit in calling you “noble” in that regard, it should just be expected. Normal reality is seeing Jews and their “values” as ignoble.

Many things were lost in WW2, including the Jews’ anchor in the world. As much as they want to be Yahweh, they are not him. WW2 caused problems for them and the Nazis both. Cope about it or accept it. Should they Moshiach be a totalitarian slave like you, Jew? You proceed with a misperception.

The Hindus are more realistic than the Abrahamics in a few ways. Applying their religion to ours, Jews would necessarily be second-class citizens. And that seems accurate.

Christians have been psyopped for centuries about the Old Testament, while the Jews had a newer scripture, written around the same time of the Quran. Except they’ve been in Europe with us during that time.

“Yeah, and we think it’s funny.” I think it’s funny that billions of people wonder if “Israel” should be considered a country.

[occult statement you wouldn’t understand so I won’t type it]

All the propaganda to keep my viewpoint concealed, why is that? I think a certain nigger race doesn’t want to admit what it is.

“The goyim help us too, because that’s what they are!” Yeah.. you’re niggers who hide your opposition.

Did you ever expect this version of “Know Thyself”?

Niggers who hide their opposition, an act which proves they are niggers.

How are you doing? One page of my writings makes more contact with reality than 10,000 pages of yours. You want niggers in the future like you who can’t ever speak the way I do. That’s what makes you a nigger. Enjoy being a subhuman who has to live in self-deception about people like me. Make more excuses for yourself, nigger.

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