The description of Hoffman’s latest book is way too relatable

This is amazingly apt!

The thrill-seekers go from adrenalin rush to adrenalin rush and our book will perhaps provide it—for a few months—and then they will be on to the next “sensational” conspiracy book or online video. This is how dead souls are sustained. Each time the Next Big Conspiracy Thrill is acquired, the thrill-seekers die spiritually and psychologically a little more, until all that’s left is an animated cadaver

The reason I’ve avoided Hoffman so far is because his book on Judaism is 1100 pages… Maybe that was a mistake.

He republished and wrote an introduction to Eisenmenger – can’t find a better sign than that. (Eisenmenger was like the Bjerknes of the 17th century).

Also it looks like he has an elaborate theory on the infiltration of the Catholic church by Kabbalists.

It looks like Scholem has a study on the Merkavah mysticism tradition, which Hoffman alleges is euphemistic for devil-worship essentially.

A name you probably never heard before

Hayyim Vital’s books are the main source of the Lurianic School of Kabbala, that is, the teachings of Rabbi Isaac Luria

And here is Scholem

The Lurianic Kabbalah was the last religious movement in Judaism the influence of which became preponderant among all sections of Jewish people and in every country of the Diaspora, without exception.

The more secret Talmud, and its “Scribes”.

Telling you this I’m just the clown that’s part of “The Process” though, only making you more numb. Most of my readers truly are “animated cadavers”, very sad.

“We can’t beat them, just leave it alone!” I’m just trying to have a casual chat. I like to show people that the “idea of the possibility” can be awakened, can be entertained. You ever feel that? If a bridge is built over that abyss I mentioned the possibility will increase.

Just jumping around that (SPRAWLING) Hoffman book for now

The Money Power controls the minds of most of my fellows, and I’m trying to learn the steps along the way that led to this point.

Why we can’t be friends

Hoffman is the only one I’ve seen to criticize Idel, who seems to be “their dude” today, at least on the surface. Lots more work has to be put in that specific direction. Approximately zero higher ambition among the goyim unfortunately.


Is that YOU? Reader! I think that’s YOU!

You might have noticed I’ve mostly decided you’re hopeless. Destined to be a lesser ape than you are even now, and that’s pretty bad. You and everything you love will be forgotten, erased from the face of the earth, probably within the next hundred years. Everything “white” will be buried. The Jews and the muds won’t want that memory lingering around. Say farewell. And it’s because you were a content slave.

Anyway for those of us who aren’t yet animated cadavers, his study on the Renaissance and Catholicism should be interesting.

Born to be a slave, too many, too many.

He has some interesting takes on the Golem too, which distinctly depart from Idel’s deceptions

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