That initiator of Corbin, Ṭabāṭabāʾī, is said to be a descendant of Muhammad

for fourteen generations has produced outstanding Islamic scholars

There’s an aristocracy over there…

“That family should have shared their genetics, that’s greedy!” That’s why we can’t have nice things here.

Imagine learning from one of these people directly

Ṭabāṭabāʾī once told me that before meeting Qāḍī he had studied the Fusūs al-hikam of Ibn ‘Arabi and thought that he knew it well. When he met this master of real spiritual authority he realized that he knew nothing.

There must be a level of hatred for the west I have not yet realized, I just know it.

Terminology to look out for

I’m still getting the basics down myself. The Shi’ists began as a minority that had to pretend to be Sunni- they didn’t have military might in the earliest days. The first imam, Ali, even helped guide the Sunni majority.

Despite all the time I’ve spent on the MENAnet now I still get the feeling when reading accounts from their POV that “this is the enemy of the Crusades!” Do you have a similar conditioning? I don’t care how alien this people is to my sentiments, I only want to get away from the Rabbis who want to kill me and want me to burn in hell.

So, Muhammad introduced Ali to the people as the one most well-versed in understanding Islam, and in the early days the Sunnis were too swept up in warring, the spoils of war, and the worldliness that followed from that to concern themselves too much with Ali’s message, which in part Ṭabāṭabāʾī says consists of the cultivation of knowledge. After Muhammad’s death it was Ali who first collected the Quran, and the Sunnis did not consult him about it. You might look at Ali as how we see Matthew or John as one of Jesus’ disciples. After Muhammad’s death Ali spent about 25 years privately training an elite. To use another parallel to help understanding- they seem to see it as similar to the Socrates/Plato dynamic. Can’t deny that wise men surface on earth from time to time and teach their students how to be wise.

See, to us, the exoteric is itself esoteric. Forget angelology, this is more than enough for now, for people who have been misled about Shi’ism all our lives. Most of us are still at step one of understanding ~the enemy~. “They” do not want you to know anything about ~the enemy~ beyond polemical stereotypes.

Do the Iranians have a famous boxer named Jesus Matthew to psyop people?

I bet this is more difficult for you to wrap your head around than shamanism.

Okay sci-fi dorks, pretend you’re moving to a planet far away. You need to know the basics of what the aliens believe there. Thankfully they don’t seem too different from the Christians we’re familiar with. The difference is, they’ve somehow managed to keep a certain notorious and murderous lizard race from enslaving their planet!

It’s kind of cool though reading the story from Ṭabāṭabāʾī’s point of view, if it IS true that he’s a blueblood. This is the version of events from someone like him? Go on the Arabnet, you’ll see lots of hostility to imamology, if you want to get the other side of the story. Sorry I don’t have a flashy product to sell you, I only have a potential shelter to show you. Isn’t it dismal to imagine a woman loving you enough to wear a head scarf so you can get out of this place? Good luck. Only hyper-rational white men might make it out of here.

Weird you never see Ali’s writings on a bookshelf ever

he left behind among the Islamic community a valuable treasury of the truly divine sciences and Islamic intellectual disciplines. Nearly eleven thousand of his proverbs and short sayings on different intellectual, religious and social subjects have been recorded.

What’s Jesus without his disciples?

Apparently Ali taught ascetics and gnostics who were the forefathers of the Sufis.

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