Can you forgive a neech-obsessive for finding this type of integration highly interesting?

the supernatural process leading up to the birth of the infant Zoroaster corresponds indeed to the process that is the prelude to the birth of the Holy Imams.

We’re back to the student of Ṭabāṭabāʾī.

The Hidden Imam is said to be invisible to the herd, while he illuminates the hearts of the faithful. I can kind of feel that myself already.

When you start out learning something you think it’s impossible to grasp, and slowly you begin to understand.

I love to be a personal lab experiment in the middle of the Evil Empire, “having a normal one” like usual, etc.

It’s certainly not Flashes and Lights when I behold the words and deeds of western people. Oh quite the contrary.

Where did it all go wrong? One of Corbin’s theories is pretty intriguing

[Suhrawardi’s] discovery of angelology went hand in hand with an astronomical revolution that shattered the limited Heavens of Aristotelian or Ptolemaic astronomy, while in the West this revolution took place at the expense of all angelology. This is not the least of the contrasting signs between our two cultures.

Suhrawardi adapts the Neoplatonists’ Great Chain of Being to a synthesized revelation extending between Zoroaster and the Imams.

Contrast this Shi’ist with what Dugin says here of certain Sunnis

And if you look at the west, Erasmus, “the first modern intellectual” was writing around the time Shia was declared the state-religion of Persia- recall Erasmus’ relation to the Great Chain of Being.

Another way to explain how they’re so different from us

the equivalent of our word “phenomenology” has already existed for such a long time… serving as a title to many Gnostic and mystical treatises.

So just to clue you in if you don’t know- phenomenology arose in the west only a bit more than a century ago as a critical response to the scientistic attitude. What’s important in this context is that mystical experience is not reduced to brain chemicals or something like that. They treat the experience itself as a valid reality, without dismissing it by pointing to some causative explanation. So that’s not a new attitude in the Islamic world.

When someone has an epiphany that proves Aristotle wrong

This direct vision of the pure Lights as he calls them is also where he originally saw the continuity between Zoroaster and the Imams.

Remember Corbin said that Suhrawardi is ingrained in Iranian culture. So maybe they felt a little guilty when Saddam was accusing them of being disciples of the Magi? Or they don’t care because they see Sunnis as Atomists? Might have to go there and find someone like Ṭabāṭabāʾī to ask direct questions to.

Would you ever be able to accept it if the cosmological forces of Zoroastrianism, Light and Darkness, existed and modern-day Iran represented the Light?

They perhaps are goyim with “guardian angels” that haven’t been defeated

Do you think my posts on doctrinal Qliphoth-worship in Judaism are a joke…? No I’m just making up words, not directly pulling from the written words of Jews themselves. Maybe it’s just me, I prefer the Sufis and their angels.

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