Just going way off the reservation with this concept

philosophical thinking in Islam only had life and/or interest insofar as it contributed to the development of Western philosophy.

Western philosophy, you mean that thing that led to and/or didn’t prevent contemporary nihilism – wow, so important. Everything has to revolve around that, huh?

This sounds like a decent starting-point

[Mulla Sadra’s] writings mark the first time in the history of Islamic thought that a philosopher had undertaken such a wide-scale commentary upon the Qurʾån.

He’s seen as the highpoint of that Isfahan School I’ve mentioned.

Zooming out for a second, I guess the Trump era was a disillusionment for me- if even someone as moderate as him is perceived to be so far-right that he causes excessive hysteria then we’re simply living in a joke country, and thus it’s time to look for other options. And if you’re content with these conditions you’re part of the joke.

This is relatable

Ṣadrå says that he was reluctant to carry out this endeavour because of the weight of the task itself.

Imam Ali said it would take 70 camels to carry interpretative texts on the first chapter of the Quran alone.

Say something like that about the sayings of THIS non-threat and no one in the west will blink

How SAD it is that people here are 100,000x more likely to quote and reflect on the Jew Testament! And they identify the people in that with the post-TALMUDISTS of today – that’s called being psyopped into oblivion. The meek aren’t going to inherit the earth, the meek are going to continue being plantation pickers for those who own most of the earth. If you can excuse a pun- sure, the kingdom of heaven is within you, if we take that kingdom to be Malkuth. Bolshevik-Orcs just keep their heads down and do what they’re told I suppose.

This is how Sadra describes what caused him to write his interpretations of the Quran

The Master of the holy realm of the Divinity, the Owner of the Kingdom of the Dominion, granted me a new opening, made the sight of my insight piercing with His light, revealing to my heart an opening which drew me near.

Personally I see Allah as a truer god than Yahweh at this point, the truer owner of the kingdom.

Nietzsche’s transcendental signifier “the will to power” is ironic given that neechens don’t have a patch of their own. Thus we have to find one that’s most suitable to our nature. Further along these lines, I would not will the eternal return of living and dying in a Kike-ocracy. There are subtle logics of escape within his thought that can easily be teased out, and which you won’t see in scholarship on him.

This is an exciting challenge, at least to a freak like me

He who comments [upon the Qurʾån] using his own opinion has concealed the truth

Sadra’s advice (Sadra seems to be one of these people)

I see this as a necessary key for the shackle on the ankle of postwar “Atlanteans”. Sorry if this doesn’t sound “easy” to you. Go back to your zog programming and ape-like friends and forget about it.

sigh, If only I was sitting in the shade somewhere in a certain desert while learning about this… Sometimes I feel like the only free person in the US. O intelligent, discerning one, join me!

Sadra says you need to know the “language of the birds” to understand the Quran. This is pointing to the Sufis who preceded him, a few of whom I’ve briefly detailed. Keep being part of the cringe-circus here instead, I’m done with it, I’m making a decisive break.

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