Interesting perspective on the Qliphoth

a world in which the Other Side has crystallized into fully formed entities and personae… entities virtually impossible to distinguish from their divine counterparts

This Kabbalist says the demons speak in the voice of the divine, and that this isn’t an illusion, it’s an ontological reality.

This just sounds like everyday people who live in the world of the demiurge

the demonic forcibly covering a divine entity or persona with a “garment” as a means of appropriating its ontological power and linguistic expressiveness.

This is everyone from hateful progs that use nice-sounding slogans to alt-lite types that pose as reactionaries. This is also Jews who try to give the impression they uphold their host nation’s values while covertly smuggling in their own destructive agenda.

like a small amount of gold and silver coating without, and lead dross within. This is the stamp of the lie – his mouth is good and his heart is bad.

Or to bring this into current events, you see this with those who decry the tyranny of the vax and lockdown while being a schmoozer of the Jew tyranny. It’s a demon with the “garment” of the divine. Many many many many many such cases.

Here’s another type of manifestation- the ones with a “good heart” who practice ketman

aggressive enclothing is a form of splitting that is also intrinsically abject in the conventional sense of degradation, the debasement of the divine through its subordination to a demonic exterior

So there are two opposite forms here- the demonic speaking through the mouth of the divine and the divine speaking through the mouth of the demonic. Either way it’s degradation. You can call this “the fallen world” if you’d like.

Kabbalists probably perceive me as a demonic voice with the garment of the divine. I don’t care how you perceive me, 109, QED, etc.

“It’s so polemical to speak of demons.” Alright, are you sure you’re not a demon telling me that? Not believing in extremes is a symptom of said moral relaxation.

In our hellworld it’s even worse than all of the above though- it’s the demonic with the garment of the demonic that you see everywhere! That is to say, the demonic does not even need the garment of the divine to conceal itself. The gates of hell are open and anyone who was keeping them shut has been trampled to death by the stampede pouring through it at this rate. This is real, this isn’t merely a mythological image. That’s the meaning of what I call “enforced moral relaxation”- demons don’t need a cover anymore, they’re accepted, even lauded, members of society. Only the divine needs a garment in this time, to not be discovered by the demon-hegemony.

They’re subtle though, they’re not out here eating babies without use of their hands. It’s usually in the form of presupposing that “nothing really matters” – you will sense that if you look for it, and it’s quite ubiquitous. Nothing really matters, THEREFORE. It’s the hidden premise everything revolves around.

Which one are you, ask yourself

A garment may be necessary for a lower entity to ascend to a higher level or for a higher entity to descend to a lower level.

Don’t be so quick to pat yourself on the back here.

Our world is over-brimming with the demonic pretending to be something else, i.e. lower entities ascending to a higher level through the use of a deceptive garment.

Here is Dugin from that atomism-related article again- and I think our time IS characterized by an atomistic-cosmological foundation which relates to the excess of demons

As pessimistic as it might sound, I don’t think this is an exaggeration. This only infuriates the demonic because they know they’re being rightfully accused here.

Back to this idea of atomism though, part of what explains them is they do not have cultural resources for ascension above their demonic state. Materialist ontology and the dogma of equal rights leads to this lack of a transcendental dimension which would free them from this behavior. There’s probably a spark of light somewhere in them and our culture does not at all help them to access it. It does not help them access it, nor does it help them see they should have the desire to access it, i.e. people like me trying to help them are perceived as demonic, because everything thing around them all their lives has taught them that.

This Kabbalist has a really nuanced understanding of the interaction between the sephiroth and qliphoth

We confront not a covert alliance between opposites/twins, nor a phenomenal resemblance between antagonists, but rather, impersonation brought about through aggression, capture, and ontological hybridization.

And before you ask, Jews do seem to exemplify this deceptive hybridization. I for one don’t fall for their tricks anymore, I know how to see what they are, and hopefully you’ve learned to also. No, they’re not demonic intrinsically, given that they’re the opposite of demonic to fellow Jews. Their attitude to goyim on the other hand is a different story.

“People are just people, none of this is real.” That’s a dangerous form of naivete.

Admittedly I’m a Kabbalah nerd and this is an interesting way to look at their system

The lower crowns are kelipot in relation to the upper crowns.

This means everything below Keter is in a sense qliphothic – seems right.

That’s why I highly doubt that “ketman” is even that widespread of a phenomenon- usually it’s the demonic in the garment of the divine, not the other way around. In other words, only a slight minority understands what Keter is.

Enclothing of the divine by the demonic proves to be a covert tactic by the divine to subjugate the demonic.

This isn’t something one can look down upon in our fallen world, even if it is inherently degrading.

“So you’re the only one that isn’t demonic, huh?” I don’t claim to be perfect, just telling you how I see things, and that there’s a lot more evil in the world than you might notice at first.

You know who really has an eye for “demonic garments”? That’s right, the Shi’ists, the cladistic disciples of the Magi.

This Kabbalist’s heart seems to be in the right place at least. He says in exile Yahweh and his people had to don the garment of the demonic and that there’s a horrifying danger to this. Yes, and I don’t think he can admit the full implications of that.

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