Do you even know how far behind the times you are? Babylon has been imported to the United States. This is leading to the US turning into the Congo. These are the stages of descent.

Most people don’t criticize the Shylocracy because the ever-present possibility of being fired will follow them everywhere.

Ask yourself, am I so wrong in the things that I say? They want to scare people into silence, and it seems like the ones they want silent have something true to say.

I learn from the good jews who aren’t more or less excessively demonic due to the “exile” and Yarvin is right about formalism. Let’s formalize it then- people who have a valid point are nonetheless threatened to live in poverty, without family or friends, if they disagree with the bankers and merchants, Gringotts goblins, etc.

What do you feel reading this, white person? Even if you wanted to disagree you would be impoverished and without any loved ones. I for one believe goblins deserve nothing. And I know I am right.

109, tell that to a Greek. What a corrupt people. Why should we rest content with them in charge? They use the capital they exploit from us to brainwash us to accept they should never be questioned. I think if every Jew was murdered it would be for the best for humanity in general. Call it a hunting spree.

I had an initial academic interest in “Truth” as it’s called, and realized no institution cared about that, and that the wider Internet didn’t care either.

I’m only speaking to similar people to me here. Jews, browns, goyim, women, all the rest, they are not people I’d trust creating a new academy in Plato’s sense.

Yes… monkeys who hate Aryan men, that’s the main ethos. Are you mad you seem like some lesser evolved being and want revenge? Sounds like some kind of ape.

The ape majority makes sure the minority that understands this will be alone and poor if they call them the apes that they are. Meanwhile, anyone in that minority that respects these niggers is one of the apes themselves.

All this to say- person reading this, I have felt all alone and worse for years and you probably did nothing about it. The truth is you only fortified the goblin stronghold.

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