This is the Sufi whose order Guenon was initiated into, I’m going to try to get a better bird’s-eye-view of him since he’s very prolific

That thing that Corbin’s been describing, the imaginal realm, I experienced that earlier this morning. You can’t watch yourself watch it or it disappears, you just have to let it happen. Or put differently, I was like “Whoa, it’s happening!” and being too self-aware of it like that made it go away.

So apparently Averroes was eager to meet the young Ibn ‘Arabi. Remember, the standard story here about ~arab philosophy~ is that it ended with Averroes. I was taught that lie in book after book, and only heard the name Corbin recently. Maybe Zionism has something to do with it, I don’t know- he says it continued in Persia.

There’s something exciting about this because it seems to relate to the so-called conspiracy theory of mine I’ve discussed a few times about how Aristotle was always front and center while Plato collected dust on the shelf because the former was less of a threat to Christianity. It seems that Neoplatonism thrived in Persia. Who’s really the close-minded one that cuts freethinkers’ heads off with a scimitar, you tell me.

This is crazy and dangerous if this is true

We shall see that the genealogies of the various branches of Sufism lead back to one or the other of the Holy Imams of Shi’ism

I’m really starting to get a hunch that Zionism has a role in our ignorance of these mystics…

He says the sixth and the eighth imams are the primary forefathers, if you want to look into this yourself.

Ibn ‘Arabi was actually born in Spain–even had visions of Jesus–and traveled around MENA throughout his life

the triumph of Averroism in the West and Ibn ‘Arabi’s removal to the Orient are two events to which we shall here attach a symbolic significance.

Am I the only one who feels like they’re reading a mystery novel with this?

When I reflect back, maybe a reason I’ve been so fond of Averroes is that he isn’t too different from a western thinker? IS Averroes an “angel slayer”?

What didn’t they like about it exactly?

it was the Neoplatonic angelology of Avicenna, with the cosmology attaching to it and above all the anthropology it implies, which provoked alarm among the doctors of medieval Scholasticism

By the way- Avicenna (980–1037), Ibn ‘Arabi (1165–1240).

It seems to have something to do with the interpretation of the nature of the Holy Spirit (as we call it).

“He’s trying to mess up our Greater Israel plans!!” I just want to know what your main enemy in the region actually believes. I know they don’t like you. Maybe they have a good reason for it? Couldn’t possibly imagine that, right? Western people who you are the shepherd of are “super cringe”. Is this the evidence you put forth to convince people to like you? Because I’m not convinced. And the goyim are going, “He’s talking about ME so how I could possibly understand?!” I can imagine the Iranians looking at these slobbering animals and wondering “Why do their shepherds deserve the Holy Land?” I agree, quite perplexing.

The implications of this

the anti-Avicennan Scholastics with their “fear of the Angel.”

I doubt we understand the meaning of that. I’m showing you my learning journey as it occurs.

“Collecting loans, how’s that sound for an angel, goy?” Cigar-chomping dirtbags, that’s what it sounds like. What, you asked, so I answered. By the way give me a billion dollar loan I can take to Iran with me and never pay back, thanks!

Anyway, being serious here, I think we truly might have missed out on the wisdom of Muhammad and various of his followers.

Just showing you pieces of the puzzle

Averroes wished to restore authentic Aristotelianism and severely criticized the Neoplatonism of Avicenna. He rejected Emanation

Recall this post involving Muhammad and the Angel Gabriel. Something about the Quran must have predisposed them to inviting Neoplatonism.

Wow, this is relatable

to some men the literal aspect, the zahir, is addressed, while others are capable of understanding the hidden meaning, the batin. He knew that if what only the latter can understand were revealed to the former, the result would be psychoses and social disasters.

Talking about the Great Chain of Being itself (what this post is essentially about) causes people to turn into demons. It’s true. They’re better off minding their own business.

Why did I learn about this from the writer of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and am now seeing it again with these cladistic Zoroastrians? The mystery of life I suppose.

Oh sorry, I just meandered off and watched some videos of Iran’s air force jets.

Corbin is asking the real questions

There were in the Christian world Spirituals comparable to Ibn ‘Arabi: did they exert a comparable influence?

People tend to trace “modernity” back to around 1500- what if it goes back farther than that?

St. Thomas grants the individual an “active intellect,” but not a separate intellect; the intellect of the individual is no longer a transcendent or celestial Intelligence.

If you want to think of it in terms of evolutionary psychology, it could be that given selection pressures we gradually “weeded out” a certain mystical faculty. Thinkers like Descartes could’ve just been following Thomas without even being aware of it. An unreflected, “undoubted” presupposition that was intrinsically anti-Avicennian. I told you I wanted to reform the canon! Corbin is helping with that beyond my wildest imagination. We’ve been unthinkingly following those Latin Scholastics’ decision to exclude these thinkers. So that’s about 800 or so years of dogma that continues into the present.

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