This dynamism might explain how the conditions were present to allow them to have their Revolution

Muhammad is still their “Jesus”, they just believe in continual hermeneutics, hence IMAM Khomeini.

I think I grasp this better than Tibetan Lamanism already.

Hate to say it, the west really could do with some continual hermeneutics.

Again, we have our own Imamology, which runs approximately from Augustine to Marx, and where has that gotten us? I see an immanentized hell on earth, maybe it’s just me.

You usually only see this sort of thing in occultism- I think we’re blind and deaf to this concept here

the problem of the Intellects and of their relation to the active Intelligence

No, I’m not going to say the Buddha was a big lucky hoodoo, only that there are many ways of phrasing the above quotation.

You can actually get pretty far out with this if you want to. Bjerknes might be on to something when he talks about the goyim having their own particular guardian angels which (don’t wince) correspond with race. The Persians might very well have one that manifests itself in green light. I’m not sure we can “adopt” that one. We can understand the Sufis on our own terms. What we can know for sure is that the Jewish Angel has beaten the crap out of and defeathered most of ours. The wings of the Iranian Gabriel do not seem to be so clipped.

This is a Jew who converted to Islam’s take on the matter

He envisaged an answer which is neither the separate Active Intelligence, one for all, nor an active Intelligence immanent in each individual, but a plurality of separate and transcendent active Intelligences, corresponding to the specific divergencies among the multitude of souls.

While I’m sure “blood” has something to do with it, I also believe in an international aristocracy of sorts. I’ve talked about this taboo idea before, that certain castes in different countries are more similar to each other than they are to other castes within their own race. Do you feel like a Sufi? Because I kind of feel like a Sufi.

You can think of the JQ as a sort of “worker’s revolt”. They don’t want any kind of rebels who alert people about the poor working conditions. They will simply fire those ones and replace them with duller workers who won’t protest those conditions. I.e. mudbrains. Hate to hear it? That’s the reality. Sorry you’re such a pushover that you tolerate these conditions. I don’t know what kind of Angel you’re capable of, probably not a very bright one.

Yeah I know, I’m just the court jester that’s part of “The Process”, that’s why I’m figuring out how to get out of here to where “angels fly”.

I tried to help people cross the abyss and most of them died unfortunately. It happens. You know that saying? It happens.

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