I was sniffing around that witch again and I see another book that’s related to her work and it looks just precious

A good general rule to remember is that Kabbalists are sneakier than Qabbalists.

When that evil witch who I choose to refer to as a “nasty woman” invokes the devil, I can just imagine that process is put into clearer language than the material they decide to selectively translate from the Hebrew. It’s not a coincidence that all these demonologist occultists use THEIR system out of any to choose from. It’s consistently a personalized form of Kabbalah.

This writer is familiar with what that orthodox Kabbalist referred to the other day as the “dragon” of the “other side”. I for one think we should harness it and use it against them since they’ve doubtlessly been using it against us for centuries.

See, this is exactly the type of thing I wouldn’t be surprised to find if I disguised myself in Chabad garb and snooped around in their libraries

Let’s not be confused about the variety of spellings

They integrate the Dragon into the real name of “Yahweh”. It’s a hybrid divinity, not only both male and female, also good and evil. If you want to know another quirk about orthodox Kabbalah, it’s inherently misogynist in that the left side of the sephiroth are feminine and demonic. Put differently, besides the qliphothic realm itself, the left side of the sephiroth are already qliphothic in a sense. Remember, it’s very recent that Jewish women have been taught how to read, they probably didn’t know about much of this. “Yes, in our mystical system you’re a demon, sorry.” Can you blame em? If you watch a given Jewess of today closely you will see that there is something true about this, and they only revel in this fact, which is a clear sign that something demonic is going on with them. I’m not going to be telling them they’re innocent persecuted people wah wah wah yeah right!

This is a nice nursery tale to tell the children before sleep

The willing of the void you might call this. That’s what the Moshiach project seems to be about too- returning all beings to the void. In a certain sense you could say that the Moshiach has already arrived, and that it is that egregore I’ve spoken of. Now there are only a few “problem goys” remaining to clean up, not really much of a concern.

This is a pretty persuasive theodicy actually

one side imprisoning the sparks of Black Light and the Other Side binding and absorbing aspects of the white.

Back to that notion of demonic garments. They probably see certain Jews as trapped in the qliphothic realm and certain evil goyim as having infiltrated the sephirothic realm.

This Qabbalist said he’s spent decades working this out, and I believe him based on the first few pages.

This sounds pretty good to me

Their sole ambition and will was to usurp the highest throne, extinguish its light, kill all thoughts of creation forever, cut down the tree of life and with their own black fires burn all its branches and reduce it back to its primal unbound formlessness.

Yeah, kill all thoughts of Jewish creation, not creation in itself.

From the way the above is phrased you can tell this writer is a YHWH minion.

What, you don’t think this is a good nursery tale? Sing them a slave song instead, that’s good for children.

Anyway, this is so much better than the standard Kabbalist’s account. We’re still living in a time when they’re highly guarded about everything.

Yeah this is definitely written by someone who buys the chosenness narrative though

It’s weird that you never see antisemitic Qabbalists. Just goes to show that occultists who seem so dark and edgy are still beholden to the theological-political. The true meaning of the occult is to subvert Yahweh altogether. If you’re a yahweh-worshiping occultist like this you might as well be a clean-cut Jehovah’s Witness knocking on my door to ask me if I’ve heard the good news. Yeah, have you heard the good news, the last Jew is dead. That’s the only good news.

This is clever, the inversion of YHWH

No, YHWH is the inversion of the true God. You can’t buy your way into having the true God you bastards.

A hint about why jews and Goyim alike are so hostile to the crossing of the abyss

It’s ONLY Golem that are below that! You are not yourself, you are a creation FROM Kether. No, I’m not a clay puppet of yours that you will crumble to dust once you’re done with me, I’ll crumble you to dust.

The Shi’ists are in danger of being Golem as well, I think. Revering Abraham and Moses is not something I’m going to be doing anytime soon. I’m a pure Greek, so to speak. And Greeks appreciate dialectics, hence I speak to the Kabbalists in their own language.

Man though, click that link to that book, he says he’s in the tradition of the Golden Dawn, and I think this is some of the best material I’ve seen from that tradition (even if it IS Yahwehcentric).

This is truly dangerous though

If you traverse it with the wrong people you will find many demons among you. Esotericism is still something that should not be exotericized, in other words. These poor people, they could have remained relatively good. I’m sorry. The misery that awaits them. And they just spawn more clones like them. It’s a multiplication of misery ultimately. Be a good Golem. If you’re here it’s too late!

I’m just telling you a nursery tale, you don’t have to worry. There’s no such thing as an imaginal intellect with an epistemological sovereignty unto itself. No worries at all.

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