Reading that occult book I get the feeling maybe I shouldn’t have messed with these people, maybe that was a mistake, maybe I should have pursued my dream of inventing the perfect hot sauce and being a furry on the side instead. Some of those “otherkin” people who aren’t merely mentally ill probably do have a genetic mutation which makes them not exactly “human”. Who knows. I also think different species are latent and can be triggered. The neglect of research on Shulgin’s chemicals is one of the follies of our time. Chemistry PhDs can invent new dimensions, and they don’t because they’ll be sent to federal prison for it, try to wrap your mind around that. I’m not a furry okay, I can just understand furries. I’m kidding, totally kidding.

Anyway, the point about Da’at yesterday isn’t something to take lightly. When you first start learning Kabbalah you think all the symbolism is arbitrary, and it’s not. The Sephiroth reflect a higher reality and it’s true that Da’at is an unstable zone that most should stay away from.

Ah I’m seeing now that that Queen of Hell book I mentioned the other day is from the same publisher as that occult one from last night. The naive reader will see the latter as 0% political and the direct opposite is the case- it’s better than the Protocols! So far it’s an anti-goyim masterpiece. How the Kabbalists really see the world. Even though it’s in English it’s still in Hebrew (so to speak) thus if a normie read it they wouldn’t understand it. For example

You might think of Russia, Iran, Syria, China, North Korea, Myanmar, etc. as the heads of that Dragon.

So, their True Name for us is stated above, or at least one of them. I remind you of one of their True Names- жид. Have you learned how to pronounce that? Knowing their True Name helps you understand who they really are. It’s a жид.

So, my theory about them is that something went wrong at Da’at. They didn’t traverse it properly and it made them demonic.

Who knows what the real story is behind Noah. You think he was a real guy, and that it’s an allegory about something else that really happened?

whose rule upon the earth was a manifestation of the invading forces of Sitra Achra, remaining and gaining power even after the deluge meant to wash away all such disruptive forces hindering the will of the Thoughtful God.

Sitra Achra = another name for the Qliphoth, Thoughtful God = another name for YHWH, in contrast with the goyim gods he refers to as the Thoughtless Side.

I thought it was interesting yesterday learning that Zoroaster had a quasi-Kabbalistic system involving emanationism. They’ve been accusing each other of being “qliphoth” for thousands of years.

There seems to be a cognitive dissonance of sorts- they link the goyim with the qliphoth and they also try to invoke their powers.

Do you want to try this at midnight?

Gurdjieff was from Armenia- connection there? Prior to their conversion to Christianity they were Zoroastrians too. The real reasons for their genocide are probably still yet to be discovered. Gurdjieff is another one they say was initiated by Sufis.

This is an interesting book to see

That witch wrote the foreword to this one too.

Whether Ahriman was the original Yahweh or not, I know that if you mess with these people in their present form you can expect nothing good. At least I tried to stop them, while everyone else sat around and did nothing. One of the things they do is make your life worse until you gradually get used to it. And that’s what’s happened. Our culture is jewier and more baboon-like than ever and people are fine with it. A white ethnostate? Why would you need one of those? Your purpose on this earth is to be used-up and discarded like a Golem.

Back to that other occult book though, they probably see me as the qliphothic version of Geburah

the wrathful ones of Sitra Achra acting as the Avenging Sword of Satan opposing the tyranny of Geburah, fighting Din’s fire with their own Black Fires of the Other Side and are thus also known as the Usiel, meaning the Ruin of the Cosmic God, ruining the means for the enforcing of the judgment of YHVH and thus undermining his foundation of power with their own merciless force. The ruler of this Qlipha is Asmoday, the God of Wrath and Vengeance

Like Scholem said, Kabbalah was the latest substantial religious movement within Judaism that was ingrained within them all. Geburah is fine when they do it, while goyim cannot use the force of Geburah against them.

It’s a poetic book, you have to hand it to him

demons with their heads like volcanoes in eruption, coronating them with the igneous light of their own side of the Ain-Sof.

“Nazis” can easily appropriate the ideas in this book for their own purposes (hence I’m drawing from it).

You have to understand that 99.9% of whites are working on the Jewish side of the Ain-Sof. Whether it’s through silence or “softened rhetoric”.

Anyway, I was looking at a description of one of Grant’s books to recall some of the subjects discussed, and this is a strange way to describe what all this is about

contact with inter-dimensional entities

Remember, this is Qabbalah, and definitely not Kabbalah!

This is what a Nazi female would be perceived as to them (if one actually existed, which they don’t)

The ruler of this Qlipha is the Queen of Sitra Achra, Ama Lilith or Lilith Savta, the Dragon Mother and Faceless Bride of Satan, donning masks uncountable reflecting all the fears and desires of those facing her throne.

I know for a fact that I’ve made the kikes paranoid over the years by invoking a Lilith like this muhahaha! In the end they’re all Golem unfortunately. Hence I say expect nothing good from messing with these people.

I repeat though- these aren’t arbitrary symbols. There’s a reality behind them.

Anyway, this book is so much better than Laitman. He gets away with it because he only uses the word “Jew” a couple times and in an innocent way. Truly it’s a thinly veiled mystical text revolving around Jewish supremacy.

Most of this kind of goy is extinct

That’s right

it must therefore be understood and remembered that this Elevenfold Manifestation of the Thoughtless Divinity in essence always remains beyond causal understanding and is in truth too alien to be fully grasped by those that are caught within the Sephirothic side

People whose brains are jewed have no idea what I’m talking about most of the time.

They’ve been working on this for years

the Qliphothic Forces are nothing but vilified pagan deities that should be returned to their proper cosmic stations void and irrelevant

Scapegoating and never naming, it works like a charm through the force of attrition alone. There WILL be only one God, and his name is Yahweh.

Whites are such sad slaves it might be for the best to unite Wotan and Allah. Only certain bloods are able to understand certain Gods. It goes without saying that jungle gods will be the obedient servants of Yahweh. Embrace your future, America.

This book is seriously peak Realtalk though. It’s one thing to have a secular conversation about Realpolitik, and quite another to have a mystical or occult one.

This is all you are to them, one or another demon to be used against other demons

The eleven rulers of the Qliphoth are within this our, and most other Qabbalistic systems of demonology, identified with Satan, Molok, Beelzebub, Lucifuge Rofocale, Astaroth, Asmoday, Belfegor, Baal (whose exact identity varies from tradition to tradition), Adramelek, Lilith and Nahemah/Naamah.

Crumble to dust after a life of being a good slave, you deserve that if that’s the path you choose.

This Qabbalist here is showing how these various demons can be invoked and put to use for the cause of YHWH – sound familiar? That’s what all the Jews are doing to you goyim in a secular way. It’s a big club and you’re not a member. Throw one into an Esther and maybe your children will be granted partial access. No thanks, I know who the real demon god is. All these potheads talking about the “illuminati” – they don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. It’s an extended crime-family constituted by millions, with manipulated Golem at its periphery, and a multi-faced egregore above. That it is to say that certain Yids see the egregore one way, while other yids see it another way- likewise the Golem possess a varying range of autonomy based on the sophistication of their understanding of the egregore and the family.

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