Trying to find more about the Qabbalist behind that occult book, and this is an interesting interview – he really puts the “cult” in “occult”. Sometimes you have to deal with that kind of thing if you want to see the esotericism really teased out of the Kabbalah.

Like I said, it can be twisted for our own purposes. Look at this for instance

Just to know that when “they” talk about evil, the qliphoth, the dragon, they’re really talking about us… It gives me the thought to thank them for the material. 11-headed dragon, I like that. Syrians, can you jive with that? We’re all one “evil” dragon together. Lebanon, another head of the dragon.

It’s a matter of seeing how they secretly look at us and refashioning it into something positive.

This is from a related Current known as the MLO. Some of these occultists get extremely creative with the dark side of Kabbalah. And it’s really easy to identify with the dark side of Kabbalah. If you’re a spiritual fed then probably not- for me it’s really easy. “That’s because you ARE a demon!” No, you live in upside-down world.

Suppose that this is the work of a Demiurge

For us the Kliffot are the Black Light Manifested and that which opposes the cosmic creation.

A Demiurge WOULD trick people into believing the Sephiroth are Qliphoth and vice versa. I flip the tree of life upside-down and declare the Jewish angels to be devils.

I’m on board with this

Beelzebuth acts as the Hinderer of God, or as the One Who Silences the Word of God (‘god’ here refers to the Demiurge YHVH)

You can do some severely malicious stunts with this inverted system

According to our tradition, the ‘Thoughtless (Black) Light’ did not emanate within the same ‘space’ (or, more correctly, the Void) that the Demiurgic Light did.

Scholem himself uses the terms Thoughtful Light and Thoughtless Light. You can be sure that certain people read that and nod their heads, with ZOG in mind.

The secret doctrine of the Zohar is a readymade system we can use against them, requiring only minimal tweaking.

Do you know how terrified they’d be if a real Lilith appeared on the scene of world-history? It’s within the realm of possibility. It’s very clear to me that women are too afraid to try to pull that. Just saying, all the mystical mythology is already there for us to utilize. It’s a raw resource that merely needs to be formed.

the spheres of the kliffot manifested almost simultaneously with the sephirot, forming their adversarial (i.e. ‘Satanic’) reflection in the Outer Darkness

I don’t think the kliffot are the true Satanic ones. Click the link to that pdf, there are tons of clever alterations of their system within that. This is from an actual cult, I’m not sure if it’s still operating.

The initial occultist (mysteriously named N.A-A.218) I was drawing from earlier said that his Current is closer to “Christian Gnosticism” than it is to some sort of Luciferianism

For ketman practitioners this could be a subtle way of talking about you-know-what without catching flak for it. I showed you the other day how they’ve incorporated the Qlipphoth into some Manga. People with eyes to see will be able to notice what you’re hinting at. Not to mention, like I said, secular Realtalk is of a lower order than mystical Realtalk. Even though that occultist is ultimately an enemy of mine the way he frames it all engages something nobler in me than mundane talk of the JQ. People just seem to be so distracted by current event after current event they never try to figure out how to build nukes to drop on the charade. This path seems like it has lots of potential if it’s not carried out by Golem like that one Yahwist Qabbalist.

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