So someone else besides Bjerknes has written about this

Both Crowley and Grant believed the aeons are divided into two millennia at a time, and that we’re in the fifth- so, similar to Bjerknes’ account of orthodox Kabbalah, who I’m not sure is aware of these occultists.

This is the kind of thing that Grant’s lodge was up to

Being ten in number they formed a skeletonic nucleus for a Rite of the Tree. They therefore assumed their accustomed positions, viz: Soror X at Malkuth, Soror Y at Yesod, Frater Z at Hod, and so on. Lacking number eleven – for Soror Shugal had not put in an appearance – the throne of Daäth remained vacant.

Interactive group-rituals like this could probably help certain stragglers with the “identification with Yahweh” process.

“Wait a second, that’s what this is about?” Both identifying with him and seeing above him.

They need something more than just reading words. Something has to shake them out of the state of hypnosis of the drone bee. I’ve already tried, their souls are made of silver, they’re designed by nature to follow orders. Time to move on. One day soon I will be.

This is a feminist order’s reformulation – I’m not convinced that the woman-mindset doesn’t lead to godlessness

Remember how the Great Chain of Being began to break among Christians in the 1200s? The Kabbalists retained the Great Chain of Being- that’s another way to look at the traditional Sephirothic structure.

This feminist order is creative though, can’t take that from them

Humanity is just too much of a disappointment for me to care at the moment. If you don’t play Yahweh you’re not human, if you don’t see above Yahweh you’re not human, and there is an emptiness to the world, given the non-existence of the latter.

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