Imamology as Emanationism

Muhammad is Keter and the imams are the sephiroth below, speaking approximately.

And they await the Hidden Imam’s immanentization at Malkuth.

It would be kind of awkward if the Moshiach and Hidden Imam appeared at the same time. That’s like World War Three material.

An irony I want to note- “the hidden Hidden Imam” [sic]. They don’t even want you to know about thee alternative eschatology.

Corbin mostly writes about imamological mystics that lived the first few centuries after the Occultation of the final imam.

The upper-plutocrats do not want you to know about any of this. That’s why it’s more than simply “understanding a religion” to me. It’s a political war against Mammon.

Just think about those scary suicide-bombs silly goy, that’s ALL that’s going on in the middle east. Oh and OIL, oil for “corporations”, yes let’s euphemize it by calling them “corporations”.

Never thought that the concept of Exit would lead me to all this. So many “lost continents” out there when you think along those lines thoroughly enough. The reality of the Pale leads one to the reality of Persia.

Not knowing about this is similar to not knowing about Marx when studying the Bolshevik Revolution

Imamology is synonymous with welaya (initiatory sainthood), a term central to the cosmogony of Khomeini

Except–I’ve showed you before how the “usury royalty” was behind both Lenin and Stalin. Whereas I haven’t found evidence of that in the case of the Iranian Revolution. And you leftists can cope all you want about that. Just know that you are operating with a fraudulent model that’s bound to repeat itself due to your coping behavior. I for one am taking a magic carpet ride somewhere if you catch my drift.

Why do “they” teach us about Che Guevera and not him?

So there are four basic levels to understand about this sand-covered diamond known as Iran- 1. the Quran, 2. the Imams, 3. the synthesis of the Sufis with the Imams, 4. Khomeini’s 20th century interpretation of 1, 2, and 3.

I told you fools, Swedes have a need for speed- probably don’t hurt (help) that I’m “part Catholic” as well.

The bitcoin autists know all about Gaddafi’s agon with the central banking system, and no one knows anything about Khomeini, and guess what, Khomeini actually won! That’s why you don’t know anything about him. Rightoids prop Putin up as if his smug smile is anything more than a hollow appearance.

It’s apparent from the Farsinet that there’s fresh air there- it’s not stuffy with the mind-control of the plutocracy. They openly mock the kinds of things you are scared into silence about over here. And that alone doesn’t lead you to wanting to know more about someone like Ibn ‘Arabi? The image of Sufism sold to us through Rumi is a farce. Keep wasting your time reading counter-enlightenment types like de Maistre- that type of option is dead and gone. Why am I the only one who’s had this Schmittian epiphany that America is the enemy, the Christ-clingers are the enemy, the coward-“right” is the enemy. A place where you can breathe fresh air and mock these enemies is your friend.

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