What led Ibn ‘Arabi away from the stultifying political atmosphere of Spain to the Orient was a vision of the throne of God surrounded by infinite columns of fire, and the Angel Gabriel circling above in the form of a celestial bird. Meanwhile I have a “vision” of immanent Hell that’s pushing me there.

Ibn ‘Arabi actually did meet Averroes and even attended his funeral, which is something of a synchronicity. The great Aristotelian who would be so influential to our Scholastics and the young mystic who would later be known as “the son of Plato” crossing paths and totally unaware of the geopolitical impact of their writings centuries later.

Look at this, who deserves something like this, definitely not me

His frequentation of the shaikh‘s family and of the small elite circle surrounding it, gave Ibn ‘Arabi the quiet intimacy, the confident peace of which he seems to have been deprived during his years in the West.

Most of these things I say about the Great Chain of Being, about God, about the Jews, about white weakling materialists, none of this would be offensive to them, what a dream, I can’t imagine it.

Most of Ibn ‘Arabi’s books weren’t translated into English until the 1980s, and who knows what kind of hatchet-job they did with those if they’re anything like Rumi’s.

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